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Miscellany - 11 March 2002

The church website is no longer mine, which means that I no longer have to worry about it, or about feeling guilty about working on this site instead of the church one.

It was just too much responsibility. It wasn't terribly time-consuming, just another thing to worry about & I really need fewer things to worry about.

I'm planning to head out West to Montana and Wyoming with Marion, Margaret and Marlene in May. It should be fun, though I have to think about money issues.

I still have to do my income taxes, but I think I'm going to have H&R block deal with that for me. I'll see if Fay can do my taxes as I just don't want to worry about them. As soon as I found out I'd have to itemize and deal with a schedule D, whatever that may be (thanks Anthem, hope you have nightmares about taxes for years!!!!!), I decided it was beyond me. I figure the 5 minutes I gave to TeleFile each year was more than enough time. But, I can have Fay go over the last 2 year's taxes as well.

Financial matters basically stink. Money is way more trouble than it's worth and all it ever provides is headaches. (which I happen to have just now thinking about it)

In other news, I've been made a Supervisor in Tech Support. Much of my current job consists of answering other people's questions - which I was doing anyway, but either the change or the helping people has done wonders for my attitude and I no longer with customers dead just for daring to call in to me. Of course, the hardest part of my job is the conflict - angry employees, angry customers, etc. I hate it.

I went to a supervisor's training recently for first-time supervisors. I learned a few intersting things and some of them apply, but for the most part, it was a general overview and left me wanting more in-depth info & less info on whether or not you can have someone demonstrate that they can lift 70 pounds in an interview or not. (sigh)

But I'm running short of time, so I'll get this out there onto my website - for the first time in a bunch of months.