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Miscellany - 15 April 2002 -- Tax Day! / Patriot's Day!

One would think that with a live journal , this infrequently updated one and a written journal I keep at home, I would eventually run out of things to say...

Of course, one would be wrong. :-)

Whereas my live journal is for brief little insites, venting and notes, this is for my longer rants and my written journal (which will be burned upon my death so no one will ever read them!) is for things that I just don't want anyone but myself to know.

So, I guess this also leaves the question "exactly how rich is too rich an internal life?" Can a person have an internalized world that's too complex and rich? Yes. Can a person have an internal world/life that's not complex enough? Yes, most people do. So, that leaves the question of where to draw the line...

I draw the line at the "function in the real world" spot. When you start having trouble functioning in the real world, your internal life is far too complex and has too tight a grip on you. I assure you that I am far from this pitfall. Even if my internal world were more developed, my job and my life demand that I function properly in the real world. So, this means that I express all those thoughts that occur to me throughout the day in journal format, and an amazing amoutn of stuff seems to occurr to me throughtout the day.

But, that aside, I am struggling a bit with some of my required tasks for being a supervisor. We have PTO time here instead of vacation days, sick days, etc. What that basically means is that if someone calls in at the last minute, I can't ask them why they're calling - you know, family emergency or sick. So, what this has lead to is a lot of people calling in at the last minute and leaving us short handed. Today I've been told that if we get short-handed like that, I need to ask people to come in regardless. That and I need to be a lot more strict about cutting out the non-work related chatter that goes on in the office. On the one hand I agree totally, even before I was a supervisor it used to drive me nuts that I was trying to work and others were goofing off, but now as a supervisor, I have to be the bad guy and cut it off. My only worry is that I'll cut it off too much. My role in the department is supposed to be an approachable person who you can talk to and seek help from - cutting people off short isn't exactly conducive to that. (sigh) Guess I'll have to learn to strike a balance as with everything in life. Just hope I don't fall too hard on the Error part of my Trial and Error.

I also keep coming back to something my manager told me - they don't have to like you as long as they respect you. I have respect, I just don't want to lose it. Oh well. We'll see how this plays out.