The Magnificent Seven M7M Challenge
1 November 2004 - Haste Makes...

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc.
Challenge: M7M Challenge for 11/1/04 – the boys are in a hurry and things go wrong
Characters: Seven
Universe: Various
Rating: G
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Haste Makes

Little Britches –– Star Trek (Nathan, Ezra)

Ezra looked at Nathan with curiosity and dismay. "Would you care to explain?"

Nathan sighed. He needed the help and Ezra was the first one of the guys he’’d come across. "Vin, JD and I were late returning to the beaming pad. A rain shower made the footing slippery. Eventually I just had to pick up the boys and start running. I slipped a few times which jarred my back and nearly dropped them when I twisted my ankle."

"But why the haste?"

Nathan looked sheepish. "I lost track of time at the arcade with the boys cheering me on."

Little Britches ATF (JD, Chris)

He was late. He hated being late. Vin had left for school already and Da had to be at work early.

"JD!" Chris called.

JD called back, "Coming!" As he pulled the backpack onto his shoulder, the zipper came undone and all of his things fell out on the floor. Releasing a loud groan, he quickly shoveled the items into his backpack and started running only to catch his coat on the door frame. When he tripped over the throw-rug in the hall, that was the last straw. JD couldn't stop the tears.

"Hey, there," Chris said. "It's OK."

Dungeons and Dragons (Josiah)

Josiah coughed and waved a hand in front of his face, hoping to dispell the dust cloud that had gathered around him.

Glancing at the candle, he could see he was going to be even later now. Stifling a curse, he scanned his crowded room and soon found the stone he needed.

Taking a deep breath and focusing his energy, he began the spell that would allow the stone to light his way. Hopefully, this time, he wouldn't give in to his haste and cause the stone to explode in a cloud of dust as the previous stone had.

Buck - Old West

The sound of gunfire woke the ladies' man from a sound slumber. Extricating himself from the arms of his companion, he decided against lighting the lamp and stepped toward where he was sure he'd left his clothes and boots.

In his haste, he hit his toes against the bedpost and stifled a cry of pain.

Limping over to the chair that held his clothes, he quickly slipped into his garments and put on his gunbelt before grabbing his boots and leaving.

It wasn't until he reached the street that he realized he'd grabbed his lady companion's shoes instead.

Little Britches - Old West (Vin)

Vin awoke with a gasp. The sun had been up a while and he still had morning chores to complete before school. Jumping out of bed, he let out a yelp of pain as his foot landed on one fo JD's soldiers. Kicking it aside, he quickly drew on his clothes and raced for the front door. In his haste to grab his boots, he misjudged the distance to the wall and hit his head against it. Rubbing the sore spot, he frowned as he pulled on his boots. Throwing the door open, he raced outside, striaght into Chris' legs.

ATF - Chris

Taking a deep breath, Chris counted to ten before releasing it.

This whole day had just gone wrong from the start. He had remembered to set his clocks back Saturday night, but forgot to set the alarm for this morning. Waking up, he was stunned to see he'd overslept. This was an especially bad day for it since he had an early meeting with Travis.

Racing through his morning chores, he'd managed to escape with only a few cuts and bruises, which he'd expected.

What he hadn't expected as he rushed was the speed trap set up on his road.

Ezra - Haven

Chris was going to kill him. He knew it. He knew it with a certainty he could feel to his core. He had promised the leader of their band he would return promptly at nine-o'clock. It was now eight-forty-eight and he was at least forty minutes away.

Depressing the accelerator even more, Ezra watched as the spedometer jumped another ten miles per hour.

Then it happened. his gift. He could see it all so clearly: the accident, the glass, the crumpled bumpers and hours of delay when he needed a clear road.

Yes, Chris was definately going to kill him.

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