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04 October 2004 - I Don't Care.

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Challenge: M7M Challenge for 10/04/04 Ė Use the fill-in-the-blank phrase, "I donít care. It was ____." in a drabble. Any open AU. 100 words.
Characters: Seven
Universe: Various
Rating: G
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I Don't Care.

Lost Lambs - Ezra, Chris

Ezra stared out the window, jaw set. "I donít care."

"It was foolish and unsafe," Chris insisted, trying not to shout. "It was unnecessary and scared the life out of me." He felt a small satisfaction as Ezra turned to look at him. Softening his voice he explained, "Donít you know what you mean to me? To Buck? To JD and Vin?" He read confusion in the boyís eyes. "We love you Ezra. Youíre part of our family and we donít want you to be hurt, especially doing something we told you not to."

Ezra blinked, too stunned by Larabeeís words to respond.


Haven - Vin, Chris, Buck

Vin glared at Chris, unwilling to back down on this. "I donít care. It was the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced."

"Oh, Come on, Vin. It wasnít that bad," Chris admonished.

Vinís eyes widened as his mouth dropped open in shock. Lifting a finger he just pointed at the newly awakened Buck.

"What?" Buck asked, placing a hand on his aching head.

"NO!" Vin shouted before turning and walking away. "Never again!"

"What?" Buck asked again, looking at Chris, puzzled.

Chris sighed and rested a hand on Buckís shoulder. "You were attacked psychically and Vin had to enter your mind to heal you."


Little Britches - Star Trek - Nathan, Josiah

"I donít know, Nathan," Josiah said staring down at the smiling doctor. "It seems like an awful lot to go through..."

"I donít care. It was worth it," Nathan replied, smiling through his drug-induced haze.

Josiah sighed and shook his head. He had to admit the boys seemed happier than they had been since Chris and Buck had to go away to that conference, still he wasnít sure it was a price heíd be willing to pay. Reaching out, he patted Nathan on the shoulder. "If you say so, Nathan," he humored.

"I do," came the blissfully tired reply as he thought of the boys.


Old West - Josiah, Vin

Vin approached the solitary figure cautiously, unwilling to disturb the restful solitude. He waited silently until he felt the atmosphere change. Speaking softly into the stillness, he observed, "That was quite a thing you did back there. Quite a bit to unload on everyone."

Josiah shrugged, grateful for the quiet support he was receiving from his friend. "I donít care. It was time," he whispered before turning and taking a seat next to Vin. Glancing at his young friend, he smiled and patted the buckskin clad shoulder. "Hannah deserves to live in the light, not die in the shadows."

"Amen brother," came the quiet reply.


ATF - JD, Nathan

Nathan couldnít stop the proud smile that lit his face. He had been secretly helping JD for months and now that it was official he thought he would burst his buttons. His grin broadened as JD came bouncing toward him waving the certificate. "Congratulations," he said, surprised by the strength of JDís hug. "You do realize, now that youíre an EMT too youíre going to take a lot of flack from the guys."

JD proudly lifted his chin as he met Nathanís eyes. "I donít care. It was the right thing to do. Itís about time you had someone to back you up in this."


Little Britches - ATF Ė Buck, OMC

Buck smiled graciously at the other man. Once the crowd thinned, he offered his hand to the man. "Congratulations on finally unseating me as the ATF sexiest bachelor," he offered.

The other man smiled. "Thanks. You know, you could still have the title if you gave up your foster son."

Buck shook his head. "Never."

"You gave up all those women, all that fun to sit at home with a five-year- old kid. Sounds like youíre getting old."

Buck smiled at the man. "I donít care. It was never a question. Thereís no competition. Being a father is the best thing that ever happened to me."


Little Britches - Old West - Ezra, Inez

Inez had watched with quiet interest as Ezra engaged the drunken lout in conversation, quickly twisting the man up in his own words and humiliating him before the entire saloon by revealing the strangerís penniless status. Ezra then proceeded to play poker with the same man and lose. "I donít understand," Inez said, baffled. "You humiliate him and then nearly ruin your reputation by losing to him."

Ezra took a drink and looked into Inezí dark eyes. "I donít care. It was a matter of necessity. That man was here to hurt the boys." His eyes going cold, Ezra finished, "No one hurts my nephews."


Star Trek - Vin, Nathan

"I really think you might have gone too far," the doctor stated, unsuccessfully fighting a smile. It had just been too funny.

Vin raised an eyebrow. "I donít care. It was an appropriate response," he said, struggling to sound like the logical Vulcan people assumed he was. A mischievous smile crossed his face as they continued on their path to sickbay. "Besides," the Vulcan defended as the first sounds of Captain Larabeeís displeasure reached their ears, "it did lower his blood pressure."

Nathan laughed as the doors to sickbay opened. "True," he admitted. "At least until Chris realized he was allergic to tribbles."


Dungeons and Dragons - Ezra, Buck

As the final strains of the bardís song faded away, the spell the beautiful music had cast dissipated and the guests began gathering their things and departing.

Walking up to his friend, Buck stood by and observed, "Thereís no profit in this."

Ezra allowed a smile to curve one corner of his mouth. Looking across the way to where Nathan and Rain stood alone in a world of their own making, their love for each other almost tangible, he couldnít help but disagree. Looking into the eyes of his friend, he replied, "I donít care. It was right."

Buck grinned at his friend in agreement.


Little Britches - Dungeons And Dragons - Chris, JD

"But Chris," JayDee pleaded, not understanding why the mercenary wouldnít hear what he was saying. "It worked, just like I knew it would, just like I designed."

"I donít care! It was foolish and dangerous. Someone could have been hurt very badly. You know weíve set up rules and Everborn or not, you will obey them as long as you are living in this keep," Chris informed.

"But Buck..." JD began.

"Donít you Ďbut Buckí me. When he gets back he will agree with everything I said," Chris assured

JayDee and saw the truth register in the brown eyes

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