The Magnificent Seven M7M Challenge
05 April 2004 - First Aid

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Challenge: M7M Challenge for 05 April 2004: one or more of the boys receive a boo-boo
Characters: Seven
Universe: Various
Rating: G
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First Aid

Ezra - Little Britches ATF Garish. Horrid. Nightmarish. Appalling.

It wasn't any one aspect that had left Ezra speechless. He could deal with the robin's-egg blue background. Though more difficult, he could accept the small, neon-colored shapes. The holographic dinosaurs, however, had stolen his words.

"You're all better now, Uncle Ezra," JD said, taking Ezra's uninjured hand.

Vin looked up from where he finished storing the first aid kit. Smiling, Vin asked seriously, "Do you need a pop-ice?"

Ezra smiled at the two boys and glanced at the bandage. Maybe it wasn't so awful after all. "A pop-ice would be wonderful," Ezra replied smiling back.

(The Misadventures Of Doctor) Nathan - Little Britches Star Trek

"It's not funny," Nathan growled from his position lying on his stomach. Looking up, he easily read the guilt and regret in the two sets of eyes. With a sigh, Nathan smiled up at Vin and JD and assured them, "It's ok, boys. It's not your fault." Turning to glare at his snickering Captain and first officer, he reiterated, "I said, it's not funny!" Seeing the smiles fade, he turned away.

"Well, Nathan," Buck said stepping forward to prepare to tend Nathan. "I would have thought someone as smart as you would know better than to sit on a cactus."

Buck - Star Trek

Nathan stood before Buck shaking his head. "How... No. Don't answer that. I just don't want to know."

Buck looked up at the doctor. "It was a mistake, Nathan! I had to make amends. This was their traditional way."

Nathan looked at Buck. "I said I didn't wnat to know. The good news is that the slime kept the wound from getting infected. The bad ndews is that the only way to remove the slime is to use saltwater."

"I only told the truth," Buck pleaded. Seeing Nathan turn away, he grumbled, " The kid did look like a slug."

Josiah - Lost Lambs

Ezra accepted the cold cloth from JD and saw Vin place the bowl of cold water on the table. Turning back toward Josiah, Ezra gently laid it on his forehead. "We are really sorry, Fr. Josiah," he said contritely.

Cracking an eye open, Josiah did his best to fight the pain and nausea and smile reassuringly at the boys. "It's alright, boys. It was an accident. I should have been paying closer attention."

Exchanging glances, the boys felt better, but would be relieved when Buck and Chris got home.

"You's s'posed to keep your eyes on the ball," JD admonished.


JD shot a glare at a laughing Casey. Casey just smiled back at him, knowing that despite his protests, JD was having fun.

"You better, Mr. JD?" a small girl asked.

JD glanced down ath the trhee-year-old and felt his anger melt away. He knew the rest of the team would tease him about babysitting with Casey, but when the other daycare worker called in sick, he just couldn't leave Casey to watch fifteen kids on her own.

"You're all set, JD," Casey said, finishing wrapping his ankle. "Next time try not to trip over the toys."

Chris - Little Britches Old West

Chris bit his lip.

"Almost got it, Mr. Chris," Vin said nervously. This was harder than he thought, but he had to do it. They couldn't ride to town until he did. He also was worried that if he couldn't, Mr. Chris might think he was useless and send he and JD away.

Chris bit back the curses he wanted to say. He knew Vin was doing everything possible to extract the splinter and was being far more gentle than anyone else had ever been.

"Got it!" Vin cried.

Chris let out a breath, smiled, and patted Vin on the shoulder.

Vin - Runaways

Chris lifted the bowl and carefully made his way to the couch where Vin ressted. Setting the bowl on the table nearby, the eight year old walked up to the man who had become his father. "Vin," he said quietly. Not receiving a response, he said a little louder, "Pa!"

Vin startled awake with a cough and two sneezes. Accepting the handkerchief Chris handed him. "Hey, son," he said with a smile.

"I brought your soup," Chris said, indicating the bowl.

Vin took a sip, knowing Chris was watching him. Smiling at Chris, he drew the boy into a quick hug. "Thanks."

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