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Challenge: M7M Challenge for 6-21-04: The weather is acting up for the Seven.
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Rainy Day
Seven – (ATF)

“It sure is raining something fierce,” Buck observed looking outside the window.

“In India we’d call this a monsoon,” Josiah said as the wind howled.

“Back East this is just a gale,” JD offered.

“In Indiana this would be a summer storm,” Chris bragged.

“In the South we’d call this an afternoon shower,” Nathan said earning a nod and smile from Ezra.

All eyes turned to Vin who was leaned back in a chair with his feet propped up and eyes closed. A lopsided smile tugged at his lips as he drawled, “In Texas we call this a light sprinkle.”


Weather Changes
JD, Chris – (Little Britches)

Chris felt the hairs on his neck prickle. Turning, he found JD’s brown eyes staring at him intently. “Help you with something?” he asked the boy, puzzled by the normally rambunctious child’s quiet demeanor.

JD shook his head, his eyes still staring at the blond.

“OK. Want to tell me why you’re staring at me?”

“Buck says that old people can tell when the weather’s gonna change. He said you’re ‘bout the oldest one he knows.”

“He did, did he?” Chris said, a smile curving his lips as a gleam entered his eyes. Buck had just thrown down the gauntlet.


Thunder Scars
Vin, Buck – (Little Britches)

Buck and Vin sought shelter from the heavy rain in a copse of trees.

“Figured we’d shelter here for a bit,” Buck said. Vin nodded, staring at Buck. A thunderclap sounded; Vin patted Buck’s arm. “What’s up, Junior?”

Vin looked up at Buck with honest blue eyes. “Chris said you had to grow the mustache because you were scared by thunder and bit your lip almost clean off. It covers the scars.”

“He said that, did he?” Buck asked.

“Yep,” Vin confirmed. “So I just want you to know I’ll protect you from the thunder.”

Buck’s eyes softened. “Thanks, Junior.”


Company In Stormy Times
JD, Josiah – (Vengeance)

The wind howled, forcing the rain to fall almost horizontally. Even in his few short years, JD was well aware of what this sort of storm could do. Fortunately, his mother had found a sturdy house built safely above the waves. His brow furrowed as he thought he heard a pounding at his door.

Heading toward the portal, he opened it to find Josiah standing outside. Reaching out, he pulled the man in. “Josiah?”

Josiah removed his oilskins and hung them by the door. “Thought you could use some company,” he offered. “Storm like this could last a while.”


Slipping And Sliding
Nathan, JD, Vin – (Little Britches Star Trek)

Nathan smiled as he watched the two boys running around in the falling snow. They had overheard the men talking about different weather at lunch and had wondered about snow. Since he was free after lunch, Nathan volunteered to take the boys to the holodeck and show them.

“Computer snow harder!” JD called out as he and Vin twirled in the falling flakes.

“Computer, harder!” Vin shouted as well, laughing out loud.

Nathan moved forward as he saw the boys begin to slip. Not seeing the ice beneath him, he fell, feeling a blinding pain. He diagnosed a broken tailbone.


All His Fault
Ezra, Chris – (Old West)

An unforgiving green glare pierced the huddled form as anger continued to simmer. Unfortunately, anger was the only thing simmering out here since the snow had managed to cover all the wood in the area, making it unsuitable for a fire. So, the two man sat huddled in a cave, freezing… If it hadn’t been for him, they never would have been run out of town.

“Look, I’m sorry Ezra,” Chris offered to the man glaring at him. “How was I supposed to know that annoying bitty was the Mayor’s mother? All I did was glare at her,” he defended.


There’s No Place Like Home
Vin, Chris – (One Big Happy Family)

Chris was struggling to maintain his hold on the horses when he felt a small body slam against him, causing both Man and boy to fall into the creek. “Wha…” he began to ask as a roaring noise sounded.

“Tornado!” Vin called, his voice barely audible over the increasing noise.

Catching sight of the funnel, Chris grabbed Vin and tucked the boy underneath him before covering his own head and neck with his hands. For a terrifying few minutes debris flew around them, bouncing off them.

A few minutes later it was all over, peace reigned and birds were singing.

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