The Magnificent Seven M7M Challenge
06 December 2004 - So Far, So Good

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc.
Challenge: M7M Challenge for 12/06/04 – use the phrase, “So far, so good.”
Characters: Seven
Universe: Various
Rating: G
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So Far, So Good

Tough Job
Little Britches ATF – Vin, JD

The tips of two small tongues poked out as Vin and JD concentrated on the very important task at hand.

“So far, so good,” JD breathed as he watched the older boy carefully trace the path JD had so carefully written. A part of him wished that he were the one doing the tracing, but understood that Vin had the patience and the steady hand to do the task best.

Finishing the last line, Vin pulled his hand back, released a breath and smiled. The welcome home cake was perfect and Vin and JD had decorated it all by themselves.

ATF – Ezra

“So far, so good,” Ezra whispered to himself as he made his way out of the room. Crouching down before Chris’ office door, he worked his tools to once more engage the lock. It had taken the Southerner some time to work out that the latest practical joke pulled on him had been performed by Mr. Larabee and not Buck, JD or Vin as was usually the case. Now, though, he would have his revenge, harmless though it would be. A small smile crept onto his face as he thought ‘This must be what it’s like to have brothers.’

Strangers In The Night
Old West – Buck

Buck paused as he approached the end of the alley by the bank. He was on his way to his room after a patrol of the town. Something had caused him to pause, but he couldn’t be sure what it was.

After a few minutes, a small scraping sound reached his ears. Moving silently forward, he peeked around the corner. Nothing seemed out of place.

“So far, so good,” a hushed voice whispered.

“Shh…” another hissed back.

Taking his gun from his holster, Buck slid into the alley and stopped behind the two figures crouched there. “Hey there,” he greeted.

Puttin’ On The Ritz
The Firm – Chris, Nathan

Chris stood at the side of the room and allowed his eyes to glide over the assembly. There had been many complaints when he had informed the team they would be attending, but there was nothing he could do, Travis insisted.

The two who had given him the most problems had been Vin, which he had expected and Josiah, which surprised him.

“How’s it going?” Nathan asked.

“So far, so good,” Chris responded.

“Still not sure how you got Vin and Josiah into those tuxes,” Nathan said nodding toward the two men surrounded by a large group of women.

Runaways – Vin, Josiah

Josiah hammered another nail home glaring at the roof that had become the bane of his existence. It never seemed to be finished. The sound of whistling drew his head up and he smiled as he spotted his fellow peacekeeper. “Morning, Vin,” he greeted, smiling as he thought of the positive changes Chris had brought to the young man. He had seen Vin and Chris riding out earlier on Peso with Pony in tow, obviously on their way to another riding lesson. “How go the riding lessons with Chris?” he asked.

Vin smiled. “So far, so good,” he replied.

The Mission
Haven – JD, Buck

Buck stared out the window, turned, paced across the room, checked his watch, returned to the window and let out a frustrated huff. Surely JD should be back by now. He knew he should have gone with him. The boy needed a strong, guiding hand. Finally giving in to his frustration, Buck opened his cell phone and called JD. On the third ring he got an answer.

“Everything alright?” Buck asked

“So far, so good,” JD assured.

“Where are you?”

“In the checkout line at the grocery store still. They only have one register open,” came JD’s frustrated explanation.

What Mischief Now?
Lost Lambs – Ezra, Vin, Chris

As Chris headed back toward the house to clean up, he paused by the back door when he heard Vin’s voice.

“So far, so good,” the boy said quietly.

“What’s next?” Ezra asked.

Chris reached out for the doorknob, wondering what the two boys were doing. All sorts of scenarios were racing through his head. They were all silenced a moment later and the worry replaced with a grin when he heard Vin’s response.

“Next you need to sift the flour into the batter and mix it slowly. If you do it too fast, it gets lumpy and then the pancakes are no good.”

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