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08 November 2004 - Togetherness

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Challenge: M7M Challenge for 11/8/04 – Use the phrase "We’re in this together, the seven of us." from "The Great Bank Hoax"
Characters: Seven
Universe: Various
Rating: G
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Little Britches Star Trek

Vin looked around nervously as all eyes focused on him. This was it, what they’d been practicing for, the first ever Ultimate Tiddly Winks Championship. Each team had to have seven members. Because it was Vin and JD’s favorite game, they had been chosen as co-captains.

Now it was time for them to play their first match in the opening round robin. He winced as he spied the mark a stray disk had made on Nathan’s face during practice. Still, this was it. The chance they needed to prove they were a team. "We’re in this together," Vin told them, meeting each pair of eyes. "The seven of us."


JD took a deep breath and rubbed his hands on his hips where his guns normally rested. This was his idea, had seemed so necessary at the time, but now... now he was questioning whether or not this was the best idea.

In a bid to build a better sense of openness between communities, Four Corners and Bitter Creek were hosting a field day. The tug-of-war was about to begin. The members of the team had to be seven lawmen or their families. JD looked at the other members of his team. Walking over, he encouraged, "We’re in this together, the seven of us. Let’s go win it!"


Chris had finally had enough of the bickering, fighting, complaining and bellyaching. He wasn’t thrilled about this either, but there was very little he could do about it. He had tried everything he could think of and still they ended up here with no chance of escape.

Seeing Vin dash over to the bathroom, the sounds of Vin’s sickness soon met their ears. "Nice, Vin," Chris muttered to himself.

As the complaints started growing louder again and Vin returned after rinsing his mouth, Chris shouted, "Enough!" All eyes turned to him. "We’re in this together, the seven of us. Now let’s go make this fashion show work."

Little Britches - ATF

Josiah looked around the room. Vin was sitting on Chris’ lap glaring at JD who was glaring at Ezra, who had his arm over his eyes and was throwing insults at Nathan who was glaring at Buck, who growled at Chris "It’s all your fault". Chris just glared at everyone and pulled two more tissues from the box, handing one to Vin and keeping one himself.

Sniffling, Josiah stepped into the room bearing a tray with seven bowls of chicken soup. "We’re in this together, the seven of us," he stated, hoping to break through the hostility. "Why don’t we try to enjoy it?" he asked before sneezing.


After all the time they had worked together, he thought he could rely on his friends for anything. Now he could feel the sweat breaking out on his brow as they remained silent and refused to meet his eyes.

"Gentlemen," he tried again. "We’re in this together, the seven of us. Surely you won’t let something as trifling as my mother’s offer come between the deep sense of camaraderie and, dare I say it, brotherhood that has blossomed within each of us?"

The six were silent for another moment before Chris started laughing. Looking up, he and the others met Ezra’s eyes. "We’re with ya, Ez," he assured.

Old West

Buck watched his six friends fly down the road, chased by James’ men who were gaining. He cursed himself and his temper. He had been so upset about Chris’ behavior earlier at the barber shop, he had flat out refused to go with them to the James ranch to retrieve Lucas James.

Firing, he knocked one man from his horse and quickly took down another. He was welcomed by his friends and realized that riding beside these men was right where he needed to be. "So what changed your mind?" Chris asked.

Buck stared into the green eyes and answered, "We’re in this together, the seven of us."

Little Britches Old West

Nathan looked around and sighed. JD looked eager, bouncing up and down in place. Josiah appeared calm, waiting for instructions. Buck looked curious as his head was constantly moving, trying to take in everything even as he held JD’s hand. Ezra was looking for a way to escape. Chris looked uncomfortable and Vin looked terrified.

With a sigh, Nathan shook his head. He knew Vin and JD would end up being the most at ease, after all the two boys loved to help people and that he could count on the four men. Looking at his six helpers, he assured, "We’re in this together, the seven of us."

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