The Magnificent Seven M7M Challenge
10 January 2005 - Move 'Em Out!

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc.
Challenge: M7M Challenge for 1-10-05: use the phrase “You guys coming or what?” from “Hellboy”.
Universe: Various
Characters: Seven
Rating: Gen
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Move ‘Em Out

Little Britches ATF – JD

It was JD’s alone time while Vin worked on his puzzle. Since a small mishap earlier in the day prevented him from watching his video, he was in his and Vin’s room playing.

Looking over his assembled troops, JD arranged them in a line. The small brunet paced back and forth in front of his soldiers as he gave a rousing speech that was well received by the troops.

Upon completion of the speech, he turned and headed toward the door. Stopping in the doorway, he looked back at Elvis, Ringo, Torkus and several of his stuffed animals and asked, “You guys coming or what?”

ATF – Ezra

Ezra resisted the urge to scratch the stubble he had allowed to grow as part of his cover. How Buck, Vin and Josiah could stand having facial hair he would never understand. Reaching the door, he paused and looked back at the men who had stopped.

Holding back his desperation to get this over with, he paused with his hand on the door. On the other side, his team waited to take these men down. The only part of Ezra’s job that remained was to get them through the door to the meet. “So, you guys coming or what?” he asked.

Old West – Nathan

It had been a long, hard battle with his six friends. They had all come back from a patrol with something either broken, bleeding or with an illness. Nathan had only escaped because Mrs. Coughlin was giving birth. Now, after a week, all the men were well enough to leave the room that had become the temporary clinic.

After admonishing all the men about what they could and couldn’t do, the Healer turned and headed toward the door. Not hearing any movement behind him, he turned and raised an eyebrow, “You guys coming or what?” he asked.

Star Trek – Buck

He should have known. There were no two ways about it. He should have known when the others refused. He should have known this was a bad idea when, turning to look at his six friends, he asked “You guys coming or what?” and they had all declared “NO!”

But he knew what he was doing and could handle the situation – or so he had thought.

Apparently he had been the only one who hadn’t understood that the invitation he received was not to a party at the Galactic Beauty School, but to be a party to the final exam for the hair styling class.

Little Britches Old West – Josiah
(Note: this makes reference to a drabble I wrote a while ago where Buck and Chris got in trouble with Josiah (who was babysitting Vin and JD) for being late and worrying everyone)

Josiah stood on the front porch steps. The two boys and their respective fathers were coming up the street. A smile crept onto Josiah’s face as he thought of the wide-eyed expressions he had seen on Vin and JD’s faces yesterday when he had “grounded” Buck and Chris for being late.

When the small family arrived at the church, the two boys ran up to Josiah and hugged him. The two men stood at the base of the stairs. As Josiah, Vin and JD turned to enter the building, Josiah didn’t hear Buck or Chris following. Turning, he asked, “You guys coming or what?”

Star Trek Little Britches – Chris

“Boys,” he greeted sternly. Two tear-stained faces turned toward him. For the sake of interplanetary relations, he had to be stern. “Do you understand what you did?” He received two sad nods and saw the trembling lips as the eyes refused to meet his. “Fine. I’ve told the officials that I would beam you directly back to the ship where we’ll deal with this.” At that announcement the silent tears turned into sobs. It took everything within Chris not to reach out and comfort Vin and JD. Nodding to the guard, Larabee turned and took several steps away, before asking, “You boys coming or what?”

Dungeons And Dragons – Vin

The half-elf turned, looked back and didn’t see any of his friends. Frowning, he reversed his course and headed back down the narrow mountain trail. Finally he found his friends standing in a loose group just staring at him.

His brow furrowed in puzzlement. “You guys coming or what?” he asked. His question was met with six disbelieving stares.

“We’re not all part mountain goat,” Chris growled.

Vin looked even more baffled as he stared back up the path. He wasn’t having any problems with it. Shrugging, he offered, “I suppose if you’d rather not go the easy way we could always…”

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