The Magnificent Seven M7M Challenge
11 October 2004 - Gentle

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc.
Challenge: M7M Challenge for 10/11/04 – Use the phrase “Gently, boy. Gently.” 100 words. Any OPEN AU.
Characters: Seven
Universe: Various
Rating: G
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ATF – Buck, JD

A bead of sweat trickled down JD’s neck. Taking as deep a breath as he dared, he slowly released it in an attempt to steady his nerves. Easing his hands forward he wrapped them around the object of his attention. “Done,” JD said softly.

“Now lift it slowly,” Buck advised, his voice low and soft. His eyes widened slightly when JD began moving too quickly. “Gently, boy. Gently,” he cautioned.

In a few minutes they were done and both breathing more easily. Wiping his brow, JD glared at Buck. “Next time the cat falls asleep on your chest you can move him yourself.”

Little Britches (OW) – Vin, Nettie

Nettie smiled as she looked at the small boy who had become her grandson. She knew she shouldn’t play favorites, but there was something about the blue-eyed Texan that struck a chord within her. Taking the cup of milk she’d just measured, she poured it into the bowl and nodded.

Seeing his cue to stir, Vin placed both hands on the handle of the spoon and began stirring vigorously.

“Gently, boy. Gently,” Nettie instructed. Then placing her hand over his, she continued, “Here, let me help you.”

Vin looked up and smiled. His mama used to do this with him.

Runaways – Vin, Chris (note: This is actually a continuation of a drabble I wrote a few months ago where on a rainy day, Vin decided to teach Chris to whittle)

“Now, this is how you begin to whittle,” Vin explained. He watched as Chris absorbed every word, feeling pride in the boy’s quick mind and attentive nature. Before long he indicated it was time for Chris to try his hand at it.

Chris was excited. He was really going to whittle, just like Vin. Doing everything just like Vin had told him, he placed his knife and pushed away from him forcefully.

Vin watched as Chris used too much force on his first stroke and bit back a momentary panic. “Gently, boy. Gently,” he advised, reaching around Chris to guide the small hands.

Little Britches Star Trek – Nathan, Vin, JD

Nathan blinked up into two pairs of concerned eyes. JD had picked a flower he wasn’t supposed to at the arboretum they’d visited and when he’d tripped, the flower had fallen at Nathan’s feet and exploded. Biting back a groan of pain, Nathan sat up. “I think I’m ok,” he said, seeing the relief flow through the boys.

“Let me help get this off,” Vin said eagerly, reaching out to pull off some of the petals that had adhered to Nathan’s uniform and skin.

Nathan winced at the pain of the petal coming off his skin and cautioned, “Gently, boy. Gently.”

Old West – Josiah

Josiah stood with his gun aimed at the would-be bank robber who held very old dynamite in his hands. “Slowly turn around and face me,” Josiah advised. Waiting as the man complied. As the perpetrator revealed himself, the peacekeeper bit back a curse. This wasn’t a man, it was a kid not more than fifteen. Softening his voice, he instructed. “Now put the dynamite down on the ground.” He watched as the lad, in his fear, move too quickly. “Gently, boy,” Josiah cautioned, relieved when the boy stopped his hurried motion. Waiting to catch his eye, Josiah advised again, “Gently.”

Dungeons and Dragon – Ezra (this is before the 7 met)

Ezra suppressed another groan. He wondered idly how he managed to get himself into this situation. The answer came to him as he spotted the boy’s beautiful sister wandering by the window. Ah yes. Now he remembered. His inattention cost him as his pupil hit a particularly loud and sour chord Schooling his face, he turned and once more settled himself across from his pupil. “ Lifting his own instrument, he offered, “That was an improvement. Now one more time and remember, gently, boy. Gently.” He suppressed a wince of pain and wondered if the fair maiden was worth it.

Little Britches Dungeons And Dragons – Chris, Vin (this happens sometime after Jeanne’s story “Sellbound”)

The time Chris and Vin had spent alone had gone a long way to mending the rift Chris had caused with his decision.

The two had been attacked on their way home. Chris had been injured and Vin had been thrown over a cliff, but had managed to hold on to a branch.

As the bandits left, Chris knew he didn’t have the strength to pull the boy up. Taking his rope, he tied one end to his horse’s saddle and dropped the other to Vin. Explaining what was going to happen, Chris stood and encouraged the horse to pull, “Gently, boy. Gently.”

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