The Magnificent Seven M7M Challenge

Falling Back On Experience

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc.
Challenge: M7M Challenge for 13 May 2003: one or more of the boys help in a birth
Character: Chris
Unverse: LB-ATF, ATF
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Falling Back On Experience


He wasn’t sure how he was supposed to feel. His emotions were in turmoil. He had been there for Adams birth and the whirlwind of emotions involved in that swirled within. He recalled the joy, the pride, the fear, the love, the awe which accompanied the event. He also felt the horror, the emptiness and the despair of Adam’s death.

Now he stood here on the trail, eight year old Vin by his side, trying to help the woman before him through birth. "Any luck on the cell-phone?" he asked, praying Vin would get through to the park rangers.


(ATF - AU - before they were team 7)

"Could it be that different from a horse?" Chris asked Buck in a low voice.

"A horse!" Sarah screamed. "You got me into this and now you’re comparing me to a horse!"

Chris winced. The blizzard outside prevented them from getting to the hospital, so he and Buck were left with the job of helping deliver the baby.

"Tell ya what, pard," Buck offered, "I’ll call 911 and have them walk us through…"

"Except the phones are out!" screamed the very nervous Chris.

"Ah," Buck replied.

"Do something NOW!" Sarah demanded as a particularly painful contraction hit.

"Aw, hell."


(ATF - AU)

‘I’m going to shoot them all,’ Chris thought as the gurney holding on as the suspect was wheeled into the emergency room.

The bust seemed to be going smoothly when the suspect, in this case a pregnant gun-runner, had started labor. Nathan was busy elsewhere and the others had quickly volunteered him to handle the situation since he had experience. "Experience my …" he began before being cut off.

"Are you the father?" the doctor asked.

"NO!" came the resounding reply from both the ATF agent and the suspect.

As the suspect moaned, Chris automatically started coaching, his lamaze training coming back.


(ATF - AU)

"You’re doing great," Chris soothed. "Just a little longer, you’re almost there." He didn’t get a response, not that he’d expected one. "How’s it look, Doc?" he asked.

"Looks good, Chris," came the response. "Looks like the head dropped just right, should be about as easy as it gets."

"Whoa, there girl," Chris said, as the horse moved, nodding its head. "You’re doing fine."

"Here we go," the vet said as the young colt arrived.

Chris looked back and watched as the small horse struggled to find its footing. He felt himself beginning to mist up at the sight.


(ATF - AU)

"Chris, it would mean a lot to me if you were there," Tom, leader of Team 3 said. "We go back a long way and I know Becky won’t trust anyone else with this. She only agreed to you because you’ve done this before."

Chris sighed, unsure if he wanted to be coach for Becky. He feared the memories it brought back would be too painful. But, Tom was right. They went back a long ways, back to the days when the three of them worked in the Denver PD. "Sure thing, Tom," Chris said, hoping he wouldn’t regret it.

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