The Magnificent Seven M7M Challenge


Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc.
Challenge: M7M Challenge for 13 May 2003: one or more of the boys help in a birth
Character: JD
Unverse: ATF, LB-Vengeance
Feedback: to MMW


(ATF - AU)

JD looked at the men around the table. He knew none of them would believe his stories. But he’d helped in several births.

The first was at his high school prom. He had gone with a long time friend. The ballroom had been stifling and the two had gone out for some air. Hearing a noise at the side of the building they had gone to investigate.

They found one of their classmates huddled behind a dumpster. JD sent his date back to get help and was just in time to hold the baby as it pushed free.


(ATF - AU - before he joined the team)

"Ma’am," JD said, trying to garner the woman’s attention. "Ma’am, the ambulance is on the way."

"Don’t leave me!" the woman cried, clutching JD’s hand in a death grip. He looked up and saw his partner smiling down at him.

"You’re alright ma’am," he soothed. "I’m right here. Just breathe."

"Just breathe!" the woman shrieked. "You men are all alike. You do this to us and then think it’s so easy. ‘Just breathe’," she mocked.

"Yes, Ma’am," JD replied through gritted teeth as her hand crushed his. Must be another contraction, he thought. Hope that ambulance gets here soon.


(ATF - AU)

"I know you’re in pain, Carrie, but I’m going to need that hand again someday," JD said, trying to soothe the frightened girl.

Team Seven had been volunteered to help at a youth shelter. JD ended up with Carrie who suddenly went into labor. With everyone else busy, JD had gone with her to the hospital and was now trying to keep her calm and relaxed during her labor, a task made more difficult by his own nervousness. He had helped other women in giving birth, but none of them looked at him with the absolute faith Carrie did.


(ATF - AU)

"Um, Buck!" JD called out. He wasn’t sure what to do.

The two men had been shopping when they entered an aisle to find a woman in labor. The store was mostly empty and Buck had gone to get help, leaving JD to calm the woman.

He really wasn’t prepared to be on the receiving end, so to speak. Still, as he watched the small head appear, he instinctively reached out to support the small head. After a moment or two the tiny body appeared at the same time as the paramedics and their gurney.


(LB - Vengeance AU)

The swells of the ocean under the ship seemed to coincide with the moans of the woman in the bunk.

JD and Vin had snuck on board before the Vengeance left dock and hadn’t been discovered until they were asea. Vin was up on deck swabbing it and JD was supposed to be asleep.

Noting the small figure in the corner, Nathan shook his head. These two boys could get into more trouble… "JD," he encouraged, "I need you to help me."

JD’s eyes grew wide. "How?" came his awed whisper.

"Take her hand and talk to her," Nathan advised.

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