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14 July 2003 - The Games The Seven Play When No One Is Watching

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Challenge: M7M Challenge for 07/14/03: Write a drabble about the guys playing games
Characters: Seven
Universe: Various
Rating: G
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The Games The Seven Play When No One's Watching

Vin (ATF AU)

It was early Saturday morning, but the glorious sunshine lightened even the concrete palor of his Purgatorio neighborhood. Stepping outside, he breathed deeply of the scent of Summer in the city. Just as in the wilds where the changing seasons brought new and ever changing sights and smells of life, the city had its own seasonal changes. Summer meant it was time for one of the most challenging games he could play, and one of the most fun.

"Y'all ready to lose?" Vin asked, stepping closer to his opponents.

"Mr. Vin!" Charita admonished, "You never win our jump-rope games!"


"You have no idea what you're in for, Billy!" JD warned, taking his position on the floor across from six year old Billy Travis.

Billy looked up at the young man, his face betraying quiet confidence.

JD almost laughed as he realized Billy was trying to imitate Chris. "Won't work," JD stated. "You can't intimidate me with your glare or say that I tricked you into this. You chose the game." Picking up his game piece he motioned Billy to go first. Watching carefully, JD wondered if he should offer advice, after all, Tiddlywinks could be a challenging game.

Chris (Old West)

He looked down at the small, grimy face of the young girl, cursing that he'd been left behind to watch her until the wagon returned. If Pony hadn't thrown a shoe... Still, he had to do something about those eyes staring at him so trustingly. What did children do?

Cause trouble. Play.

"Go play," Chris ordered. The small face continued to stare at him expectantly. "What?" he barked.

Unafraid, the girl held one doll to her chest offering Chris a second doll and asked, "Play with me?"

Heaving a sigh, he took the small form and settled on the ground.

Nathan (ATF AU)

Stereotyped. He was being stereotyped and he didn't like it one bit. He'd agreed to help out at his neighbor's kid's birthday party, and he'd been happy to do it; especially after Rain said he would. But now he felt an old anger begin to grow. All his life he'd been labled, all his life he'd been pigeonholed based on his grades, his skin color, his address, his test scores...

Finally having had enough, he crossed his arms, looked at his wife and said, "I don't want to be the cop; I want to be the bank robber!"

Josiah (OW AU)

He shook his head in bewilderment. Never had he seen such skill at cribbage. Poker? Well, there was Ezra. Wist? There was Nathan. But cribbage? He'd always considered himself a good cribbage player, at least until today. Today he had met a master.

Shaking his head as he watched his opponent peg out, he set his cards down, leaned back in his chair and smiled. "You are a wonder," he said, catching his opponent's the twinkling eyes. He watched his opponent as she gathered the cards together. "You learned this from your mom?" he asked.

Olivia nodded her head.

Ezra (ATF AU)

He surreptitiously slid the box from the back of his closet. He knew it was little more than a childish indulgence, but he couldn?t help himself. Of all the memories of his childhood, this game held some of his fondest.

As he stepped out of the closet, he bumped into someone behind him. Spinning around he found himself face to face with Vin. "Mr. Tanner!" Ezra exclaimed. "How did you get into my house? What are you doing here?" demanded the flustered agent.

Vin just shrugged and looked at the box, puzzled. "Hey, Ez?" he inquired, "What's Hungry Hungry Hippos?"

Buck (ATF AU)

Oh, he knew exactly what sort of games his friends thought he played on his dates, and he did nothing to discourage that perception, especially since they probably wouldn't understand. True, he did know many of the sorts of games he bragged about and that his friends suspected, but this game held a special place for him; his mother had taught him how to play, though Buck added a twist or two of his own.

"Your move," his date said, her voice drawing him from his reverie.

Taking in the chessboard, he saw the move he needed to make. "Checkmate."

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