The Magnificent Seven M7M Challenge
14 July 2003 - Future Family Entertainment

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Challenge: M7M Challenge for 07/14/03: Write a drabble about the guys playing games
Characters: Seven
Universe: Little Britches ATF
Rating: G
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Future Family Entertainment

Josiah headed back to his home base to wait until he was ?alive?. Seeing the disgruntled look on Buck?s face, he knew the mustached agent had just gotten ?killed? too.

Ever since they?d heard about it, Vin and JD had been begging try laser tag. Vin had made the teams and insisted on having JD, Ezra and Rain on his team. Josiah remembered his surprise at Vin?s choices; now he understood.

As he reached ?home?, he watched as all four members of the other team walked up and ran up the score. None of them had been hit yet.

Buck suppressed a curse. He had yet to get even halfway to the other team?s ?home?. In fact, he was pretty sure none of his team had made it yet which made for a humiliating defeat.

A small smile threatened as he watched JD march up and begin running up the score with the others. The vest he had to wear was far too large on his small frame, but the serious look of determination on the young face and the joy shining in the brown eyes made up for the fact JD had ?killed? his father yet again.

Nathan was in shock. His wife, his beautiful, loving , intelligent, amazing wife, was beating his behind at a game involving shooting. He now understood why Vin insisted she come. Shaking his head as she brushed a kiss across his lips on her way to run up the score, he wondered what other hidden talents she had.

As he watched her cautiously retreat with her teammates, he decided he could spend a whole lifetime trying to find out and still never know. That thought brought a smile to his face. Yep, a lifetime would be just about long enough.

Chris was torn. His own natural competitive streak was screaming in frustration at being thwarted at every turn. But his father?s heart was proud. His son had done a masterful job of assembling a team and now, the execution of their team was flawless. He found himself also amazed that Vin never missed. His son hit every single thing he aimed at.

The young ragamuffin seemed almost invisible out on the floor and could hit his father from anywhere. As if to confirm the thought, Chris found himself once more ?killed?. At least he?d gotten three steps this time.

She had been pleasantly surprised when Vin invited her to the Laser Tag game with them and even more pleased when Vin insisted she be on his team. To tell the truth, Vin?s strategy and team selection impressed her to no end. She and the boys had spent a lot of time together playing games and talking. She knew Vin absorbed information and was happy to see him apply what he learned.

As for her own prowess with the laser tag gun? Well, Nathan didn?t need to know that she, Vin and JD played his video games when she babysat.

Ezra smiled with pride. He had expected Vin and JD to choose Buck and Chris for their team, but Vin had been put in charge and wanted to win. He had approached Ezra with his idea and the Southerner had been impressed. He had been a little doubtful about the addition of Rain, but seeing her in action, he had no qualms.

Making eye contact with his leader, Ezra slid to his next position. The simple strategy of the eight year old worked like a charm. He was just thankful that Team Seven?s own enemies weren?t as creative.

JD crouched down, not that he really needed to, but it made him feel more like a part of things. He had been unhappy when Vin first told him that Buck would be on the other team, but when Vin explained his plan, JD had been excited.

Vin had given him several very important roles, things only he could do because he was so small. He?d be happier if Papa Buck were on his team, but it was still fun to be with Uncle Ezra and Aunt Rain.

Slipping forward, he aimed his ?gun? and shot Uncle Josiah once more.

As Vin once more ?killed? his father, he felt a smile appear on his face. Ever since the water balloon incident, he had wanted to beat Chris at something. This time all of his careful planning was working. The other team had yet to score a point.

He had chosen his team carefully. Aunt Rain always challenged him at video games. Uncle Ezra was a good shot with his water gun. JD had to be on his team. If Vin?s team won, Chris would pick up his son?s toys for a week. Vin was well motivated to win.

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