The Magnificent Seven M7M Challenge
15 November 2004 - Misplaced

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc.
Challenge: M7M Challenge for 11/15/04 Ė something is lost and they guys must find it.
Characters: Seven
Universe: Various
Rating: G
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Old West - Chris, Buck, Vin

Buck knew his friendís temper and was almost afraid to say anything. Hearing Vinís chuckle turn into full-blown laughter, he couldnít stop his own smile. "So, you just hanging around, Stud?" he asked.

Chris glared at this two friends, knowing the effect was lessened by the fact he was hanging upside down by one foot over the middle of the livery. He knew they wouldnít let him down without an explanation. "I lost my book and came back looking for it. I tripped and stumbled into this. Now cut me down!"

Both men laughed until tears streamed down their faces.

ATF - Chris, Josiah, JD

Chris folded his arms and leaned his shoulder against the doorframe smiling at the scene before him. Schooling his face into a stern mask, he cleared his throat and waited as two guilty, soot blackened faces turned to face him. In the same calm voice he used to strike fear into the hearts of criminals, he demanded, "Would one of you mind explaining why my living room is covered in soot?"

JD and Josiah exchanged guilty looks before JD explained, "Well, you see, Chris... We sort of lost the frisbee and figured it might have gone down your chimney..."

Little Britches Star Trek - Vin, Chris

Vin struggled to control the emotions and tears that threatened as he looked up into Chrisí eyes. Try though he might, he was unable to stop the slight tremble of his lip as he heard JD weeping in Buckís arms

Chris looked down into the blue eyes, wanting to hold Vin and let him know it would be alright, but he knew he couldnít do that, not yet. "So explain to me exactly what happened."

Vin tried not to wince at the notes of disappointment and anger in Chrisí voice. "We were playing and we lost Doctor Nathan."

Runaways - Ezra, Buck

Ezra walked along the street on his way back to the saloon when his step faltered and he came to a complete stop. Tilting his head sideways, it took him a moment to figure out what he was seeing. Walking down the alley, he tapped the small back. "Master Wilmington," he began as the four-year-old turned to face him. "What are you doing?"

Buckís eyes widened as sadness and perhaps a little fear entered them. "I losted it and now Iím lookiní for it," he explained, turning back to look some more.

"What did you lose?" Ezra asked.

"País star."

Haven - Ezra, Josiah

Wiping his hands on a rag, Josiah stepped into the house and paused at the sound that reached him. Making his way toward the living room, he stopped in the doorway stunned by what he saw. Ezra was wandering around the room, half-dressed, muttering to himself and crawling on the floor. "Lose something, Ezra?" he asked, concerned.

"Just my mind," the clairvoyant replied.

Josiah nodded not doubting it. "That all?"

"My gold cufflinks," Ezra informed. "Iíve lost my gold cufflinks."

Breathing a sigh of relief, Josiah stepped further into the room. "Why donít I give you a hand?" he offered.

Dungeons and Dragons - Nathan, Chris

Chris stopped and turned a puzzled look toward his companion. "Whatís wrong, Nathan?" he asked, wanting to keep moving.

"I donít believe it," Nathan said, dismounting the horse he was riding and beginning a frantic search through his bags. "I lost it!"

Chrisí eyebrows drew down in a frown. "What did you lose?" demanded. The two of them had been gone for a week to the village where Rain studied.

Finding a piece of parchment, Nathan pulled it out and unrolled it. Nathan spent a few minutes studying it before replying. "I lost our way, but I found it again."

Little Britches Old West - Josiah, Vin

Vin watched as the familiar figure trudged up the lane toward the ranch. Looking back, he checked to make sure Chris was nearby before turning back.

A few minutes later, the figure was within hearing distance. Vin took in the figure before him and shook his head. Josiah was splattered from head to toe with what looked like two different types of mud, paint and leaves. "What happened?" Vin asked.

Josiah looked a little sheepish as he replied. "Well, I lost my horse and then I found him and then I lost him again. I donít suppose youíve seen him?"

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