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Father's Day

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc.
Challenge: M7M Challenge for 02 June 2003: one of the boys is sick, another offers comfort
Note: On 16 June 2003, there were two challenges offered. One was to write a drabble beginning with the phrase "It was a dark and stormy Night" the other was to write a drabble about Father's Day. I did both. Here are my "Father's Day" drabbles.
Character: Seven
Unverse: Various
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Father’s Day Drabbles

Buck - ATF
He sat before the gravestone, silent tears falling down his face. He knew Chris had been here earlier. They both came every Father’s Day, only Chris didn’t know about Buck’s trip. It was something Buck would never be able to tell Chris; a secret that would die with him.

“Hey, Adam,” he said, his voice choked with tears. He reached out a hand and brushed the lettering. “Miss ya buddy. I know you’re happy and safe with your ma.” He swallowed the lump in his throat. “I suppose ya know too that I’m your pa and I love you, son.”

Chris - Little Britches – ATF
Chris looked at the sleeping form of his son, Vin. He had been dreading Father’s Day as he did every year. This year he had been afraid of the day. He was afraid he would miss Adam as he had every year and that that pain would keep him from appreciating Vin as his new son deserved to be treated.

A smile appeared on Chris’ face. He shouldn’t have underestimated Vin. Vin had found some old snapshots of Chris and Adam and combined them with snapshots of he and Vin in an album dedicated “To The Best Father In The World.”

Vin - Brother’s Larabee AU2
As he rode out across the land, Vin felt his confusion increase. His whole life he had been able to ignore Father’s Day. After all, he didn’t have a father.

This year, though, he knew Lincoln Larabee to be his father and didn’t know how to feel about it.

Buck, Nathan and Chris had that sad look in their eyes like they got every holiday, even JD and Josiah seemed affected. Vin was just confused. He felt nothing toward the man who had sired him except anger and disgust. What kind of man abandons his child? Not a father.

JD - Little Britches Star Trek
With Vin’s help, JD had overridden the code on Buck’s door and carefully picked his way across the room. He had replicated a breakfast after he got into the room and was now carrying it to the man sleeping on the rumpled bed.

Setting the tray down, he called, “Buck?” Not receiving a response, he called again, only louder.

When this failed to garner a response, he climbed up on the bed and lightly tapped Buck’s face while he called his name. He was eventually rewarded with blue slits.

“What is it, JD?” Buck asked.

“Happy Father’s Day!” he exclaimed.

Josiah - ATF
Josiah looked across the room, scanning his coworkers. His gaze rested a few seconds longer on the dark head of JD. An arrow of guilt assaulted him along with one of pride.

This Sunday was Father’s Day, a day that had been bittersweet for him for years. This year would be the first since JD joined the team. Of course, no one knew; no one but Hannah. He had thought about telling the boy, but did he even have that right. If Laurie hadn’t told JD, what right did he have? No, he decided, he would remain silent.

Nathan - ATF
Nathan stared at the phone. He knew the number, but something held him back. Today was father’s day and he had intended to call his father to try and mend the breech between them. Still his hand hovered over the instrument, frozen.

As he sat there, he thought about his new family, Team Seven. These thoughts brought to mind Chris. Nathan’s mind recalled the sadness Chris tried to hide whenever someone mentioned Father’s Day. He also recalled the quiet words spoken for his ears alone, “Make it right while you have a chance.”

Decision made, Nathan picked up the phone.

Ezra - Little Britches ATF
Ezra watched the two boys chase around the yard after their respective fathers. A smile played across his lips. Vin and JD had changed all of their lives, perhaps Ezra’s most of all. Somehow he had allowed the boys into his heart and discovered that he enjoyed spending time with them.

This love for his nephews had started other thoughts in the Southerner’s mind, thoughts he’d been denying. Watching the boys, Buck and Chris today on Father’s Day had forced him to admit the truth to himself. He was ready to be a father himself and that thought terrified him.

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