The Magnificent Seven M7M Challenge
17 January 2005 - Natural State

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc.
Challenge: M7M Challenge for 1-17-05: write a drabble or drabbles about the seven dealing with Nature.
Universe: Various
Characters: Seven
Rating: Gen
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Natural State

Information Dump
ATF – JD, Vin

“What are you doing, JD?” Vin asked.

“Looking up volcanoes.”


“Casey has a “Geologic Hazzards” class this term and I’m just trying to make sure I understand what she’s talking about. Did you know there are two main types of lava?”

“Yep. ‘A’a and pahoehoe. There are a few other names too like block lava and rhyolite lava and basalt lava. Of course it’s not actually lava until it reaches the surface. Before then it’s magma.”

JD turned and eyed Vin suspiciously.

“What?” Vin asked defensively. “I went to Hawaii on vacation once when I was in the army.”

The Earth Moved
Old West – Buck, Josiah, Chris

Chris stepped into the saloon. Scanning the people therein he decided none were a threat and headed over to where Buck and Josiah were sitting. A smile tugged at his lips. From all appearances, but was in full story-telling mode.

“You said her name was Sadie?” Josiah asked.

“Sadie Hawkins,” Buck confirmed. “And she was something else. That night, in that little cabin of hers, we made the earth move.”

“Wasn’t you,” Chris interrupted, taking a seat. “Was a landslide sent the two of you high-tailing it back to town before you even got in the house as I recall.”

Indoor Swimming Pool - 1
Little Britches ATF – Vin, JD (Buck and Chris eventually)

Vin stood with his hand poised over the knob to the basement door, JD pressed to his side. There were some strange noises coming from down there that had awoken both boys. Not wanting to admit he was afraid, Vin swallowed his fear and turned the knob. Reaching out a trembling hand, he flicked on the basement light and stared, eyes wide as he turned to look at JD.

JD returned Vin’s stunned look and said in an awed voice. “We gots an inside swimming pool.”

Vin looked at the water in the basement, then back at JD and grinned.

Indoor Swimming Pool – 2
Little Britches ATF – Chris, Buck, Vin, JD


Buck frowned.


Slowly cracking open one eye as he turned toward the noise, he identified JD. “Li’ bi’” he acknowledged through a yawn.

“Da, can I go swimming?” JD asked.

“When the rain stops,” Buck mumbled as sleep took him once more.

Across the hall, Chris felt as if he was being watched. Opening his eyes, he found himself looking at his son.

“Can I go swimming, Dad?” Vin asked.

Chris’ brows furrowed. “Swimming?” He saw Vin nod. “S’pose,” he allowed, thinking the boy meant later that day.

“Thanks Dad,” Vin said as Chris drifted back into sleep.

Indoor Swimming Pool – 3
Little Britches ATF – Chris, Buck
Chris’ eyes flew open. “Vin,” he said aloud.

Across the hall, Buck suddenly sat upright in bed. “JD,” Buck called.

The two men met in the hall.



“Boys!” they both called.

A sound from the other side of the house drew their attention. Buck and Chris turned and headed toward the unusual sound. They stopped when they reached the open door to the basement and the wading boys.

“All the rain,” Chris groaned.

Buck nodded. “Looks like the basement needs to be resealed.”

“Come on down and swim with us,” JD called up.

“Yeah! It’s fun!” Vin assured.

The Proof Fell In The Pudding
The Firm – Josiah, Nathan

“Nathan, I’ve known you a lot of years and you never mentioned being in San Francisco in 1989. Besides I was there…”

“I’m telling you, Josiah. It’s true,” Nathan defended. “I’ll even prove it,” he declared.

Josiah shook his head and waited. He looked up as Nathan handed him a piece of stained paper.

“That’s my ticket stub.”

Josiah examined it and couldn’t deny the truth of what he saw. Sighing in defeat, he asked, “What happened to it?”

Nathan blushed and admitted, “When the earthquake hit, I was eating one of those pudding pack things and it fell in.”

Sound and Fury
Little Britches Old West – Ezra, Vin, JD

Ezra had been staying with the boys while Chris and Buck were out of town. The trio were headed in from the barn when Vin suddenly stopped, looked at the sky, grabbed JD and ran for the house.

The trio ran through the house. Vin easily slid under his bed, forcing JD under with him. Ezra was about to ask what the problem was when he caught sight of the tornado reaching downward from the storm-tossed sky. With a quick prayer, he too got down on the floor and slid under the bed, doing his best to protect the boys.

Dungeons And Dragons - Seven

The seven men stood on the ridge and stared down in disbelief, horror and shock at the devastation left by the flood.

“It’s all gone,” JayDee whispered.

Buck placed his hand on the young man’s shoulder, but had no words of comfort.

“We’ll have to tell them,” Nathan observed softly.

His statement received nods of acknowledgement.

Chris shook himself and began issuing orders. “Vin, scout around for a better place for the village. Ezra, you and Josiah begin designing new floodgates, this time make sure the pressure on the other side can be relieved. Nathan, Buck, JD, you’re with me.”

Catching A Wave
Little Britches Star Trek – Nathan, Josiah

“So, would you like to explain to me how you ended up with frostbite on a world where it’s almost eternally summer?”

“Surfing,” Nathan murmured from the warm cocoon in which he was nestled.


Nathan nodded. “I took the boys to the beach. Huge wave came. Got boys to the rescue craft, but I couldn’t get in so I held onto the ladder. Had to go high in the atmosphere to clear the wave.”

Josiah nodded and patted his friend’s shoulder. “Well, the boys are safe; you’re warming up; and that’s the planet’s first large wave in 700 years.”

Three Little Duckies
Lost Lambs AU – Josiah, Ezra, Vin, JD

“I look utterly ridiculous,” Ezra protested as he pulled on the raincoat, his displeasure evident on his face. He had tried to protest that he would simply wait out the storm instead of wearing the borrowed coat, but the sudden deluge showed no signs of stopping soon.

“Stop complaining, Ezra,” Josiah admonished as he adjusted JD’s rain hat and checked on Vin. “It will keep you dry.

Ezra huffed out his displeasure at the situation. “It a day fit only for ducks,” he complained.

Josiah donned his own raincoat. “Then I guess you’re three little ducks today,” he observed, smiling.

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