The Magnificent Seven M7M Challenge
18 October 2004 - Hard Labor

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc.
Challenge: M7M Challenge for 10/11/04 – Use one or more of three different phrases in the drabble.
Note: I decided to treat each quote separately. This set of drabbles is using “Working hard or hardly working?”
Characters: Seven
Universe: Various
Rating: G
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Hard Labor

ATF - Ezra, Chris

Chris stormed into Team Seven’s office. The meeting he’d been locked in all afternoon and into the evening had left him in a sour mood. He stopped as he reached Ezra’s desk. Standish was still there talking on the phone – in French. Waiting for him to hang up , Chris asked, “What are you doing here?”

“Working hard,” Ezra replied, making a note on a paper.

“Working hard or hardly working?” Chris sneered.

Ezra shot him a look and handed him the note he’d just finished writing.

Scanning it, Chris felt his jaw nearly drop; it was everything they needed to wrap up their case.

Old West – Buck, Vin, Judge Travis

Travis stepped off the stage. He had information for the peacekeepers. He hadn’t expected to find two of them in front of the jail playing checkers. As he approached, two sets of blue eyes rose to meet his. “Boys,” he greeted. “Working hard or hardly working?” he asked his tone expressing displeasure.

Buck and Vin exchanged a look, but before either could answer, several townspeople came up to thank the two for their efforts. Deflecting the thanks, the two men headed inside followed by the judge who was surprised by the twelve bandits locked in the jail cells. “Just waitin’ on you,” Buck finally replied.

Star Trek – JD, Ezra

Ezra, for all his faults, took his job very seriously. Chris and Buck were both in sick-bay, the ship was a shambles and he was in charge. Right now his nerves were frayed beyond belief. Walking up to one of the panels on the bridge, he kicked the feet to gain the worker’s attention, he asked, “What are you doing in there, Ensign Dunne?”

“Working hard,” game the short reply.

“Working hard or hardly working?” Ezra scoffed. Just then lights were restored and the consoles started working again. JD appeared from under the console and glared at Ezra. “My apologies, Ensign,” Ezra said sincerely.

Little Britches Star Trek – Nathan, Buck

Buck stepped into the reception area of sickbay. He smiled down at Nathan who was dead asleep in his chair. “Wake up!” he called, smiling as his friend jumped and then glared at him. “Sleeping in the middle of the day?” he asked.

“I’ve been working hard,” Nathan defended glaring.

“Working hard or hardly working?” he shot back laughing at the low growl he received in response. He watched Nathan rise and grab his back. He was about to ask what was wrong when the Doctor waved him over, pointing at two of the beds. Buck smiled at the sight of two sleeping boys.

Little Britches – Old West – Vin, Chris

Vin’s eyes widened at the sight of the man coming his way. His heart beating wildly, his eyes darted looking for a way out. A meaty fist reached out and pulled Vin up so he was face level with the man. “Yer behind, boy. You workin’ hard or hardly workin’?”

Vin swallowed and didn’t reply. The man threw him down on the floor, lashing out with his whip and smiling at the bloody stripe on the boy’s back.

“Vin, wake up,” Chris called. Seeing the muddled blue eyes focus on him, he reached out and took Vin in his arms. “You’re safe now,” he whispered.

Little Britches ATF – Josiah, JD, Vin

“So,” Josiah asked Vin who had been on a spy mission for him. “Are they working hard or hardly working?”

“Hardly working,” Vin replied, returning the smile his Unca Josiah gave him.

Buck and Chris had asked Josiah to come out and watch the boys while they did some serious cleaning in the barn. Seeing little movement was coming from the barn, Josiah had begun questioning if he wasn’t out there just to give the men a break from the boys. Given Vin’s information, it appeared that was the case. Dropping an arm around the shoulders of either boy, he said, “Good. Here’s the plan..”

Lost Lambs – JD, Nathan, Josiah

Josiah turned the corner of the church and found two of his workers resting in the shade of an elm tree. Walking to them and stopping so he towered over them, he cleared his throat. Two pairs of sleepy eyes blinked up at him. “Working hard or hardly working?” he asked.

Nathan yawned, stretched and settled back again. “JD and I already worked hard and finished everything we were supposed to,” he half-mumbled and he adjusted JD so he rested more comfortably. “Now we’re hardly working,” he finished as he joined JD once more in slumber.

Josiah smiled, thankful for such good friends..

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