The Magnificent Seven M7M Challenge

Birthday Bash(es)

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc.
Challenge: M7M Challenge for 19 May 2003: one of the boys is either having a birthday party or throwing one
Character: Seven
Unverse: Various
Feedback: to MMW

Birthday Bash(es)

He glared at the man responsible. “You’re a dead man, Tanner,” he hissed at the longhaired man standing hipshot in the doorway. His threat was rewarded with a cocky, lop-sided smile and a challenge in the sky blue eyes.

“Happy birthday, Chris,” JD said, bounding up to the leader before noticing the glare directed at Vin and backing away.

“Notice ya didn’t even have ta change ta fit the theme,” Tanner drawled, trying to suppress a chuckle.

Chris’s glare intensified before it once more took in the decorations, finally resting on the cake with it’s inscription: Happy Birthday, Cowboy.

“Jesus, Vin,” JD said, putting his hand against his racing heart.

“Sorry, JD,” he said sheepishly, reholstering his gun. Vin could feel the flush creep over his face and, he was sure down to the tips of his toes, hoping he hadn't ruined everything.

Chancing a quick glance up into the quiet room, it soon became apparent that a lot of effort had gone into the event. Seeing the wide-eyed, shocked stares of many of the people in the room, he felt his blush deepen.

“Its OK, Vin,” JD assured. “I shouldn’t have made it a surprise birthday party.”

“But you planned all the other parties,” Casey said, puzzled as to why JD insisted on planning his own party.

“And that’s why I’m planning my own,” JD explained, dumping another bag of ice in the cooler. “One thing the team does well is revenge.”

Casey nodded her head, still unsure of JD’s reasoning. “I’ll get it,” she called, heading toward the door to answer the doorbell. Opening the door, she froze. No one would believe the sight before her. Suddenly she understood what JD meant about revenge. A smile appeared on her face. ‘This will be interesting,’ she thought.

She only agreed because he’d said it would be an early birthday gift for him, but it had worked. He knew the boys had been planning a surprise party for him, but after the last few, he just didn’t want to take a chance on what they would do.

“Hey, darlin’,” he greeted, as she opened the door.

“Hey, Buck,” she replied with a smile. “Would you mind waiting in the living room? I’ll only be a moment.”

“Anything you want, darlin’,” Buck replied, turning into the room in question.

“Surprise!” came the shout as he entered the room.

Vin could see Nathan’s smile didn’t reach his eyes. Rain hadn’t been able to find a flight back for his birthday and it was hitting the medic hard. It was time.

Nodding at Ezra and Chris who had been chatting, he watched Ezra head out.

Raising his voice slightly to be heard, Chris raised his glass and began, “To Nate. All we can say is thanks and Happy Birthday.”

All eyes turned to see Ezra hold open the door Chris had indicated for a beautiful woman. “Rain,” Nathan whispered with a smile that reached all the way to his eyes.

He tried not to laugh. He really did, but he just couldn’t contain it any longer and allowed his laughter to flow. The boys had outdone themselves with this party.

Buck walked up and patted him on the back, “You OK, Ez?” he asked, a smile on his face.

“I assure you Mr. Willmington, I am quite well and highly amused,” Ezra replied. “How ever did you come up with this theme for my birthday celebration?”

Buck smiled. “Josiah suggested it, actually,” he replied looking around the room in which everyone, male and female, was dressed just like Ezra.

Josiah’s laughter flowed over the room, warming the hearts of his six teammates. They had taken him by surprise with this birthday party. He was impressed with the extent his friends had gone to make this special for him.

The party was themed along the lines of the old television show, ‘This Is Your Life’. And looking around, Josiah realized he’d had a pretty good life.

“Bet you’ve had some really interesting birthday, Josiah,” JD said taking a seat next to the team’s profiler.

“That I have, brother,” Josiah replied with a smile. “Did I ever tell you about…”

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