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21 July 2003 - Culture Shock

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Challenge: M7M Challenge for 07/21/03: Write a drabble about the guys suffering from culture shock : Seven
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Culture Shock

A Wild Ride - Vin - ATF

He closed his eyes and gripped his seat more tightly. It was the only defense he had. Right now he just wanted to go home.

As a Ranger he'd traveled the world and seen all sorts of cultures, but none had scared him until this one.

It wasn't just the odd customs, the strange food, the old buildings and narrow allies; it was all of that but even more, it was the unintelligible accent and the driving. He'd never felt the cultural differences as acutely as he did here.

"So, Vin," JD asked, "What do you think of Boston?" Everybody?s Watching - JD - ATF

They were string at him. He knew he had to eat this or be seen as being impolite, but... They were staring at him.

He swallowed twice and thought about how best to accomplish this task. He'd been warned ahead of time that he would be expected to eat this delicacy, but now that the time was here and all those fish eyes were looking at him, he just wasn't so sure he could do it.

Taking a deep breath, he shoved it into his mouth, chewed twice and swallowed, glad he wouldn't be coming back to Japan soon.

A Place To Rest - Buck - OW

"You are most welcome to stay with us, but you must abide by our rules."

"Of course," Buck agreed.

That had been five days ago. He still had five days to go before his horse could travel. In the meantime he tried once more to look at this like a cultural experience, the kind Josiah was always going on about, but this lifestyle was just downright unnatural.

It wasn't the food; it wasn't the fresh air. It was everything else - the silence, the prayers, the lack of women? He just wasn't cut out for life in a monestary.

Doing It My Way - Ezra - Star Trek

Once again Ezra was left to wonder what grievous crime he had committed against the Captain to earn such a loathsome duty. Certainly there were others better suited to this task: the quiet Vulcan, their peace loving Counselor, the stalwart Doctor, even the Captain himself. Yet he, Ezra Standish, had been given this dubious honor.

In his preparation for this meeting, he had done much research and discovered two cultural keys. The first was that this civilization knew nothing of gambling. The second was their abhorrence of verbal communication.

Ezra sighed and shuffled, so much for the Prime Directive.

Josiah Goes To Preschool - Josiah - ATF

He watched carefully as the people gathered and stared at the icon. Soon a voice began speaking, addressing those gathered.

Not long afterward, singing began as great joy washed over the mass, causing them to sway and some, even, to dance; arguments were forgotten, peace reigned.

Josiah watched in fascination as bitter enemies became the closest of friends under the gentle guidance of the voice. Never before had he witnessed such power.

Soon the singing began again. As everyone joined in, Josiah marveled at the power of the voice and started humming along, "I love you / You love me..." The Dog What? - Nathan - ATF

He cringed inwardly as the lout sitting next to him screamed once more and threw a dog-bone. He knew how much trouble Frank had taken so that Nathan could experience the local culture, but, being honest with himself, he really would have rather heard the symphony or even visited the many museums.

Instead, he was here in amongst a loud, unruly crowd on a Sunday afternoon. Usually he enjoyed football games, he didn't even mind the fact that he didn't like care who won. What he couldn't fathom was what people found so appealing about "The Dog Pound".

Grumpiest Place On Earth - Chris - LB ATF

Chris scowled. They had followed all the instructions on how to get in, out and on the rides as quickly as possible and still he found himself waiting in line for Space Mountain. He was not happy. Vin, however, was ecstatic and bouncing up and down next to him. That was the only saving grace. As long as Vin was happy, he would tolerate the strange culture around him - the smiles, the joy, the welcoming hugs. Minnie Mouse had actually hugged him! Hugged him!

Chris' scowl deepened. He couldn't wait to leave. All this cheer was too much for him.

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