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Clothing Drabbles
by MMW

Chris - ATF AU

"Well, you did tell Buck you needed to make a few changes," Vin observed stifling a laugh.

Chris stood, mouth agape. He was stunned. There was not one shred of black clothing in his entire house. He was left with only one thought - Buck Wilmington was a dead man.

Monday morning Chris walked into the office clad in a forest-green button down shirt and khaki pants. He ignored the stares. He ignored the whispers. He ignored the snickers from his team. Settling behind his desk, he picked up a folder, glanced at the title and smiled. Revenge was sweet. "Buck!"

Buck - Haven AU

"Ahchoo!" Buck reached for another tissue and blew his sore nose.

Prying his eyes open, he looked down at his pants and sighed. He hated colds, but this one seemed to be some sort of mutant cold. In fact, Nathan had confirmed that not long ago.

Still, it was really irritating that he couldn't control his ability when he sneezed. This was the fourth pair of pants in which he'd burned a hole. Four pairs of pants, three shirts, two blankets and he needed to re-paint his now-scorched walls. Maybe he should have accepted Vin's offer to get asbestos pants.

Ezra - Old West

Ezra sighed. He didn't have much choice, but it didn't sit well. The seamstress was competent enough to make minor alterations and repairs. Heaven knew he'd had to use her services often enough.

With another sigh, he took one last look at the image, shaking his head at the amount of money he was spending on this. Still, there was no other choice. His favorite red jacket had finally received one too many wounds and needed to be replaced.

Sealing the letter, he addressed it and brought it out to the east-bound wagon, shaking his head. "Mail-order clothing," he thought.

Nathan - Little Britches Star Trek AU

"Uh, oh," Vin said, as he took in the state of his, JD's and Nathan's clothing.

Nathan looked up from where he was dangling JD upside down. "What's wrong, Vin?" he asked, wondering what had upset the young Vulcan. His brow furrowed as Vin just pointed at his uniform.

Settling JD down on his feet, Nathan looked down at his dress uniform and stifled a groan. Chris and Buck had asked him to watch the boys for a few minutes while they prepared for meeting the delegates. His jaw opened as he saw the grape jelly smeared across his uniform.

Josiah - Dungeons and Dragons AU

Josiah picked up a stone and beat it against the cloth. Releasing a sigh, he thought about giving in to his frustration and just buying JD a new shirt, but the bet was that he could make the blueberry stain disappear without magic.

"How's it going?"

Josiah jumped and turned. Seeing Vin, he sighed and threw down the shirt. "Not good."

Vin nodded. "Ever thought about makin' the whole shirt blue?" the elf asked innocently.

Josiah stared at his friend for a few moments before a smile crept across his face. "That would make the stain disappear," he observed thoughtfully.

JD - Vengeance AU

JD looked at the trunk and sighed. They had taken much bounty from the pirate ship and most of it had been returned to its proper owners. There was just this one trunk left.

Replacing the item he had removed earlier, he wondered if he should ask the Captain taking it. He knew all the remaining cargo, at least that which was not used to restock the ship, would be sold and the proceeds split among the crew. Still...

"Penny for your thoughts," Josiah said quietly.

"Just thinking how nice that dress would look on Casey," JD sighed in response.

Vin - Little Britches ATF AU

Vin's eyes drifted down the rack of coats. He suppressed a sigh. Looking at the winter coat in his hand, he knew it was the practical choice, the choice he should make. Still, in his heart he wanted the leather jacket.

With one final sigh, he turned and handed his coat to Chris.

Having watched the struggle, Chris knew Vin wanted the other coat, but they both knew it was impractical. He wanted Vin to be happy though. That's when he spotted what he hoped was a compromise.

Vin beamed as he walked out in his new sheepskin-lined bomber jacket.

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