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27 December 2004 - I Hereby Resolve

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Challenge: M7M Challenge for 12-27-04: The boys make resolutions.
Rating: G
Universe: Various
Character: Seven
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I Hereby Resolve…

ATF - Seven

The seven men sat around their usual table after work and before leaving to attend their New Year’s Eve commitments. JD suggested they all make one resolution and then looked to Chris to start.

Chris looked at the expectant and amused faces. He didn’t like resolutions, but would go along for the kid’s sake. “I resolve that I will drink one full cup of Vin’s coffee,” he finally offered causing most of the others to burst out in laughter.

Five echoes of “here, here” sounded around the table as Vin glared and defended, “Ain’t nothing wrong with my coffee.”

Little Britches – Vin, Chris

Chris pushed the chair into a gentle rocking motion. Something was bothering Vin and the boy wasn’t sharing. The sound of small feet drew his attention away from the flickering fire. “What’s up?” Chris asked softly as the shaggy head snuggled under his chin.

Vin sat silently for several minutes before speaking. “I don’t want you to fight in the revolution.”

“Revolution?” Chris asked, puzzled.

Serious blue eyes turned to meet his as Vin nodded. “Buck said you two were going to make a New Year’s Revolution.”

Chris smiled in understanding. “Resolution, not revolution. A resolution is a promise…”

Old West – Josiah, Buck, Ezra

Buck frowned as he entered the saloon. Something wasn’t right. Looking around the saloon, he soon figured out what it was. Wandering over to his usual table, he sank into a chair next to Josiah. “What’s wrong with Ezra?” he asked.

Josiah smiled at his friend. “Maude,” came his one word response.

“Maude?” Buck asked, not understanding.

A smile grew on Josiah’s face as he nodded. “Maude drove Ezra into resolving not to play poker so long as she was in town.”

A smile twitched on Buck’s face. “How long is she in town?” he asked.

“A month,” Josiah replied.

Lost Lambs – Ezra, JD, Nathan

Nathan stepped out of the small room to allow Vin some privacy. As he moved toward the reception area, he caught the conversation Ezra and JD were having.

“So what’re you going to do as your res’lution?” JD asked, stumbling slightly over the large word.

Ezra shuffled his cards again. “I shall resolve to introduce a touch of culture and refinement into your and Vin’s rather plebian existence.”

Nathan held back a chortle of laughter at that declaration. He could see the absolute bafflement on JD’s face.

The boy’s face cleared. “I’m gonna give you more hugs!” the boy declared.

Old West – Nathan, Vin

Nathan glared at Vin as he dug the large splinter out of the Tracker’s hand.

“Take it easy Nate,” Vin hissed.

“Take it easy, he says,” Nate grumbled. “This year I have dug more bullets, splinters and Lord knows what else out of your hide and you’re telling me to take it easy. I think you need to resolve to take better care of yourself,” he huffed

Vin was abashed. “I was bringing in wood for Old Mrs. Simpson,” he explained softly. “She can’t carry it in on her own anymore.”

Now it was Nathan’s turn to look abashed.

Runaways – Buck, Chris, Vin

Vin headed toward his room, pausing when he heard the boys talking. They had been allowed to stay up late tonight since it was New Year’s Eve. Moving toward the door, he was about to enter when their words registered.

“So what are you going to resolve?” Buck asked, his curiosity evident in his voice.

“For next year I’m gonna resolve to be more like Vin,” Chris said.

“I’m going to be more like JD,” Buck replied. Then in a quieter voice, he asked, “Chris, do you think they’d let us call them Pa?”

“You betcha, son,” Vin whispered softly.

Little Britches ATF – Josiah

As he stood in the doorway, Josiah wondered at all the ways these two small boys had changed their lives. Now, on the brink of a new year, new hope for the future infused him, a hope he hadn’t felt in a long time. The innocence, wonder, wisdom and love the boys gifted him could never be repaid.

As the second hand swept toward midnight, Josiah decided upon his resolution. “I resolve to watch over and protect you, your fathers and you hearts for the next year and all the years to follow.” His pronouncement was met with sleepy sighs.

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