The Magnificent Seven M7M Challenge
28 July 2003 - Home Improvement M7 Style

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc.
Challenge: M7M Challenge for 07/21/03: Write a drabble about the guys doing home improvement
Characters: Seven
Universe: Various
Rating: G
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Home Improvement - M7 Style

"Look, Uncle Ezra!" JD shouted, his excitement adding volume to his normally exuberant voice.

Ezra, wincing slightly, wondered if his hearing would ever return and smiled at his young nephew. Seeing the full "swear jar", Ezra's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Why Master Dunne, your jar has filled almost overnight. Whatever transpired to result in such a phenomena?"


"How did your jar get filled?" Ezra clarified.

"Oh, Papa Buck and Papa Chris were nailing shingles to the roof and they kept hittin' their fingers instead. Every time they did they would have to put money in the jar."

Josiah - Old West
Josiah walked around the small house one more time, shaking his head. There would be a lot of work to do and he needed to find a place to begin. "Begin at the beginning," he thought idly before realizing he had no idea where the mess before him began.

The small home had been left to him by a grateful townsperson. Now he had to make it habitable again.

Picking up the ingredients he'd need, he began mixing an old family recipe for paint. "At least there are no bullet holes to fix," he muttered quietly. "At least not yet."

Buck - Old West
Buck looked over the edge of the roof to the ground and swallowed hard. He'd offered to help the young and beautiful Widow Green around the house with some chores. He'd been disappointed when she had to leave while he was putting down shingles, but he couldn't refuse a woman in distress. Now that he was done, he tried to get down only to discover that the ladder had fallen at some point and he had no way down. It was a good thing none of the others was there to see him, they would never stop teasing him.

Chris - ATF
Chris walked out of the bathroom and found himself immediately assaulted by the sound of laughter. Looking at the men standing in his hallway, his brow furrowed trying to figure out what they were laughing at. Seeing Vin point to him as the Sharpshooter collapsed to the floor, Chris looked down at himself. He could see the grout and caulk on his work clothes, but couldn't see anything funny about it. Catching sight of himself in the mirror, he understood. He?d gotten caulk in his hair and the hair was now sticking up just like that of Dilbert?s pointy-haired boss.

Ezra - ATF
Ezra balanced the wrench on the counter above him. He would absolutely die of embarrassment if any of his co-workers discovered how proficient he was at menial labor. True, he could find no pleasure in it, but he could perform it as needed. In this case, his new countertops had arrived, however the installers wouldn't be able to come out until next week. Frustrated by such service, Ezra had said he'd do it himself. After all, it wouldn't be the first time he?d done such work. Turning once more, the elbow joint came free, freeing him to remove the sink.

Nathan - LB Old West
Nathan stood outside the Larabee/Wilmington homestead and shook his head. He'd been scared when Vin came tearing into town on Peso demanding help for his Dads. Grabbing some supplies, he had gotten on the first available horse and followed Vin and Peso as quickly as possible.

When they arrived, JD was bouncing up and down by the barn pointing and calling for Nathan to hurry.

Entering the barn, Nathan stopped and started laughing at the sight. Buck and Chris had been trying to re-arrange some things in the barn and ended up hanging upside-down by their feet.

Vin - LB ATF
Finding the items, Vin picked up the paint and brush and went inside. Buck had been talking about repainting his room and complaining that he didn't have time. Chris and Buck were up working on one of the other fences, so Vin thought he'd help out.

Walking into Buck's room, Vin pried the lid off the paint, figuring he'd wipe up the little that spilled later and stuck his paintbrush into it. Wandering to the wall leaving a trail of paint drips, he began painting, not noticing as some of the paint came off on the dresser as well.

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