The Magnificent Seven M7M Challenge
28 June 2004 - Liar, Liar

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc.
Challenge: M7M Challenge for 28 June 2004: one of the boys tells a lie
Characters: Seven
Universe: Various
Rating: G
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Liar, Liar

A Little White Lie
Ezra – Old West

It had just been a small lie, hardly anything at all. Yet it was the small lie spoken to a friend.. He could only hope the man in black would forgive him for it.

Glancing around, he saw the remainder of his friends enjoying themselves, unaware of his own inner struggle. With a peek out the window he saw the moment of truth was near. Would Chris forgive him?

As Larabee opened the door those in the room shouted, “Surprise!” The blond responded happily and sought out Ezra’s eyes. Instead of the condemnation he’d expected Standish read thanks and friendship.

Josiah – Lost Lambs

Josiah listened to the happy chatter of the three boys. He suspected that Ezra was a little old to believe in Santa, but he hadn’t said anything. JD was chattering away, enjoying the day and his toys..

But looking at the wonder in Vin’s eyes, at the joy that suffused his face, Josiah refused to feel guilty for the lie he’d told the boy. The previous night after service, a very nervous Vin Tanner had approached him and asked, “Is Santa Claus real?”

Knowing the boy would expect the truth from him, Josiah hadn’t hesitated as he responded simply, “Yes.”

Taking A Message

JD glared across the room at Buck who was still looking at him with large, pleading eyes. Wilmington owed him big for this one. With the phone resting on his shoulder, JD listened half-heartedly to the torrent of words pouring forth from the other end.

“I’m real sorry about that, ma’am, but Buck was unexpectedly sent out of town,” JD lied.

A few more minutes of verbose chatter on the other end led JD to reply, “Yes ma’am, I’ll be happy to give him the message…Bye.”

Hanging up, JD glared at his friend. “You owe me big-time for that, Buck.”

What A Man Don’t Know
Chris – D&D

Chris looked at the still form lying, unmoving on the ground before him. He should have listened to his instincts. When their employer had shown up with a special request from Travis – a request that required Chris to lie to the others – he should have refused. He knew better…

Vin appeared out of the woods and bent down to check the unconscious Nathan. He turned burning eyes on Chris, knowing that Chris had lied to them about the job. “What a man don’t know can get him killed,” he said simply, before turning his attention back to the wounded healer.

I’m Fine
Nathan – Little Britches Star Trek

Nathan lay on the sick-bay bed, pain coursing through his body and wondered why he bothered to watch Vin and JD. It only seemed to lead to his getting hurt. A moment later he saw the boys and remembered why he spent the time..

Tears brimmed in both the blue and the brown eyes as tiny lips quivered. “We’re sorry Uncle Nathan,” Vin whispered. “We didn’t mean for you to get hurt. Are you OK?” JD nodded and sniffed loudly.

Nathan closed his eyes for a moment. Swallowing back the groan of pain, he smiled and replied, “I’m fine, boys.”

Outright Lie
Buck – LB ATF

Buck came back from doing his work in the barn. He frowned as he watched JD sitting perfectly still staring out the window. He had no idea what was wrong and since his questions hadn’t gotten him a response, he decided to try something different.

Walking into the kitchen, he retrieved a fruit roll-up, JD’s favorite snacks, went back into the other room and sat down next to the boy. Beginning to eat it, JD asked if he could have some. Buck looked him in the eye - and lied. “Nope, only people who share their problems can have some…”

A Matter Of Perspective
Vin – Runaways

Vin stood with his hand on Chris’ shoulder, holding the boy close to him. He and Chris had been out camping when a group of people approached. They had asked, “Is the boy yours?”

Vin didn’t like the look of these people and prepared to defend himself and Chris. “He’s my son,” Vin replied without hesitation and more than a hint of pride in his voice. “And you’d be happier if y’all just left - now.” Looking down at Chris, Vin smiled at the boy. Chris may not be his by blood, but he could never ask for a better son.

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