The Magnificent Seven M7M Challenge
29 November 2004 - Sorry I'm Late

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc.
Challenge: M7M Challenge for 11/29/04 use the phrase "Sorry I'm Late" in a drabble.
Characters: Seven
Universe: Various
Rating: G
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Sorry I'm Late

Star Trek - Little Britches (Chris)

Chris ran down the corridor cursing Admiral Travis and all the other people who were at the meeting. Had it not been for their long-windedness, he would have been out of there twenty minutes ago and arrived at sick-bay in plenty of time to pick up the boys instead of running late.

As he entered sickbay, he began "Sorry Im late..." before his voice faded away. His mouth remained open as he took in the scene before him. Vin and JD had Nathan bandaged, patched and were currently wrapping a long gauze pad around his head.

"Chris," Nathan greeted with a smile.

Old West - JD

JD nearly ran down the boardwalk, cursing his bad luck. Hed been stopped on his way back into town and now was running late for the meeting they were having at the jail.

Reaching out, he threw open the door, not noticing as it seemed to hit someone and called out "Sorry Im late, I was on my way back when..." His voice faded as Josiah leapt toward the door hed just opened. Taking a step back, he turned to see what the man was doing and was stunned to see an outlaw sprawled on the floor.

"Good job," Chris said.

ATF - Josiah

Josiah settled into the chair, and spent a few minutes gazing at his sister. She trapped in her own world today.

"Sorry Im late," he offered to the form still drawing figures on the wall. "I got stuck in traffic today. I have to admit that I was beginning to lose my temper, thinking Id miss my time with you and all, but then I remembered how you used to laugh at me when I would get impatient. You always said it was Gods way of making me slow down and look around. So I did; I looked around. And I saw some amazing things..."

Little Britches ATF - Ezra

Ezra tugged at his jacket to make sure it was straight. He had been with Vin and JD when the man his team was targeting finally called. He had demanded a meeting within a half hour at an upscale restaurant. It would take Ezra twenty minutes to drive there. Scrambling, hed gotten a hold of Nathan who was pressed into service to watch the boys and then changed and left once his friend arrived.

Stepping into the restaurant, completely composed, Ezra noticed he was approximately one minute late. "Mr. Greavy," Ezra greeted. "Im sorry Im late, but traffic was truly appalling..."

The Cub And The Kit - Buck

Buck called out an apology as he nearly clipped a car as he turned on the road that would lead to Larabees house. He had given his word that he would watch the boys tonight and Chris said he wouldnt accept any excuses. He was making good time and had stopped by the store to pick up some ice-cream when he saw the little girl crying in the middle of the aisle. It took some time to get her to the service counter and then he had to stay until her mother came.

Knocking on the door, he breathed, "Sorry Im late..."

The Firm - Nathan

Nathan bit back the frustrated curse that was about to escape his lips. Hed woken up late, had trouble getting his car started and then wound up with a flat tire. After hed fixed the tired, hed gotten stuck behind a little old lady who didnt believe in going above ten miles an hour and then had accidentally dinged her car resulting no damage but a wait for the police to take statements. It had been a very frustrating morning.

Racing up the stairs - since the elevator was broken - he burst into the conference room and gasped, "Sorry Im late..."

Texas - Vin

Vin walked softly through the grass, his heart beating quickly in anticipation and nervousness. Anguish crossed his face as he found the headstone he needed. Settling into the grass, he reached out a hand and gently brushed it across the letters of his mothers name. He had promised her the day theyd buried her that he would come visit. That had been twenty years ago. This was the first time he had been back.

"Sorry Im late, Ma," he whispered, his voice thick with emotion. "Kinda got caught up in a few things. Like to tell you about them all..."

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