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30 June 2003 - Independence Day Plans

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Challenge: M7M Challenge for 06/30/03: Tell about the boys' plans for American Independance Day.
Characters: Seven
Universe: Various
Rating: G
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Independance Day Plans

Chris - Little Britches ATF AU
Chris stood before the display. Somehow he had ended up planning this year's Fourth Of July picnic all by himself. Taking a look at the different types of sparklers, he thought of Adam. His son had always enjoyed the pretty lights.

He waited for the stab of loss, the pain and regret, but they never came. Instead the face of eight-year-old Vin Tanner appeared in his mind, smiling his shy smile. Chris didn't notice his own smile forming at the thought.

Decision made, he reached out and grabbed two boxes of sparklers. He wanted to see Vin's smile again.

Josiah - Old West

Sanding one of the pews, Josiah allowed his mind to wander. He had spent some interesting Independence Days, but he wasn't sure about this one. As a territory, their status was nebulous. Yet, as a territory, the very spirit of independence that was being celebrated could be found here more readily than in the more tamed states.

Still he was left with the question, what did Independence Day mean to a town like theirs?

"Josiah, you 'bout ready with your speech?" Nathan asked, stepping into the church.

"Almost," Josiah replied, standing and straightening his suit coat.

Nathan - Star Trek AU

Nathan looked at the images his research had called up. With a sigh, he rubbed his tired eyes and wondered why he was putting himself through this.

A smile crept across his face as he remembered. His friends. He had six very close friends and one of them had asked about Independence Day. Vin had started this whole party really. The Vulcan was very taken with Earth customs, but the others had gotten into the spirit of things and Nathan ended up being responsible for decorations.

He called up the pictures wishing at least one holodeck had been free.

Ezra - Luck Of The Draw AU

"Ez'll be happy to bring the burgers and hot dogs," he mimicked Vin's voice. "Sure he will," Ezra grumbled. His brother was a dead man, blood relation or not. Ezra felt it his duty as the oldest to educate his younger brother on the error of his ways.

A last-minute assignment had prevented Ezra from executing his assigned task with his normal expertise and he now found himself standing in the check-out line of the local grocery with a cartload of meat.

"Next year," he vowed as the three-year-old hellion behind him began screaming again, "I'm taking a vacation."

Buck ? ATF/AU

He had been planning this for months. He knew the guys were disappointed that he would miss their first Fourth as a team, but he had his own plans. They all laughed when he said he had plans with a very special lady, and he had laughed with them, hiding behind his jovial mask.

Chris knew why he wasn't there, and he knew Chris wouldn't say a word.

Checking the picnic basket once more, he left the hotel room and made his way to the cemetery as he did every year on the day his mother died - July 4th.

JD - Little Britches Old West AU

JD peeked around the corner of the door. He had been planning this surprise for his family for days. Of course, to his mind it was forever and he had had a really hard time not telling Vin. Keeping secrets was not easy, especially when the secret would make someone happy. But, he'd kept his secret and spent his free time planning everything down to the last detail.

Tomorrow it would all be worth it. His surprise hidden back in the corner, he now just needed the coast to be clear so he could slip out of the barn.

Vin - Texas AU

Vin smiled at the unsuspecting victims. Chris and Sarah had invited everyone out to the ranch for Independence Day. Initially he had been surprised when Sarah approached him with the idea for the prank, but Vin's own mischievous nature soon showed itself.

Together, the two pranksters had planned every detail meticulously. He had spent the weeks before the holiday preparing things at the ranch. Sarah had gotten what they needed in town. No one suspected anything.

"What're you smiling at, Uncle Vin?" Adam asked, looking up at the blue-eyed man.

"Just lookin' forward to the Fourth," he replied.

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