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31 January 2005 - Surely You Can't Be Serious

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc.
Challenge: M7M Challenge for 1-24-05: use the phrase "Surely you can't be serious!" in a drabble.
Universe: Various
Characters: Seven
Rating: Gen
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Surely You Can't Be Serious

Old West - Ezra, Nathan

"... so three days," Nathan concluded, rising from the chair heíd been using to check over Ezraís head wound.

"But surely..." Ezra began before Nathan cut him off.

"This is serious, Ezra. Three days."

"But surely..."

"Bad things could happen. You could pass out, get injured, all sorts of things.í

"But surely..."

"Ezra. I donít want to hear it. Three days, no poker, no patrols, no leaving."

"But surely..."

"Iíll tie you down if I have to."

"But surely you canít be serious! There is a poker tournament going over at the saloon today!"

Nathan sighed in exasperation. "Iím deadly serious and stop calling me Shirley!"
Note: "and stop calling me Shirley" is from "Airplane"

Little Britches Star Trek - Nathan, Chris, (Vin and JD, though they donít speak)

"Surely you canít be serious!" Chris demanded. "Iím the captain of this ship..."

"And Iím the doctor," Nathan interrupted firmly. "In matters of health, I out rank you so get back in that bed and pull up those covers." When Larabee only continued to glare, Nathan added, "Now!"

Chris climbed back into the bed, trying to convince himself it was only because he was setting an example for the boys, not because he felt awful and needed the rest.

Nathan nodded his satisfaction. "Vin, JD and I are going down to hydroponics now. Come on boys. Letís let the captain rest."

ATF - Chris, Josiah

"Surely you canít be serious!" Josiah cried. "I mean... I just... Itís not... You canít be serious!" he reiterated.

Chris waited patiently for the Profiler to settle down. He had expected this response.

"How did I end up with this assignment? Surely, Buck or Ezra or..." Josiah tried.

Chris sighed and held up a hand to cut him off. "Travis is the one who selected. Your name was chosen."


"He drew names out of a hat."


"Yes. Oh."

"How long do I have to prepare?"

"Two weeks."

"Two weeks! Surely you canít be serious! I mean... I just... Two weeks!"

Chris sighed and ran his hands through his hair.

Dungeons and Dragons - JD, Vin

"Surely you canít be serious!" JayDee cried, stunned at what the barkeep had just told him.

"We donít serve his kind in here and thatís that!" the surly barman stated, walking away.

JayDee could feel anger rising within him at the injustice of the situation. It wasnít right. One thing he had learned from the other was to fight for what was right. As he opened his mouth to argue, he felt a hand land on his shoulder and turned to see Vin.

"Let it go, JayDee," Vin said quietly, letting his hand drop. "Weíll just go across the way. Aleís probably better there anyway."

Little Britches ATF - Buck

"Surely you canít be serious!" Buck gasped, falling further back into his chair.

The man behind the desk turned and stared at him for a few minutes before pushing his glasses back up his nose. "There can be no doubt, Mr. Wilmington," he repeated, folding his hands. "The proof is right there."

Buck just stared at the man trying to absorb what heíd just been told. It couldnít be possible, could it? It wasnít as if he remembered every last name. Half the time he didnít even ask. Leaning forward, he stared into the manís eyes seeking confirmation. "JD really is my biological son?"

Lost Lambs - Nathan, Judge Travis

The Judge smiled at the stunned man sitting across from him. He had been so sure one of the others would have told Dr. Jackson by now and was pleased when he found out he had the honor.

"Surely you canít be serious!" Nathan exclaimed, his mouth still opened slightly in shock.

"I am," the Judge said calmly. Then leaning forward, he stared into the brown eyes. "That report you wrote for me was good enough to catch the attention of some very important people. They feel that it will be a great benefit to doctors everywhere and thatís why they want to publish it."

Runaways - Vin, Judge Travis

"Surely you canít be serious!" Tanner cried. Vin had stepped into the jail to talk to the judge a few minutes ago, happier than he had ever been. Chris had made such a difference in his life that he didnít want to believe what the judge had told him. "But he..."

Travis held up his hand. "I wish I was joking, Vin. But Chris has an aunt and when she found out he was alive, she insisted he live with her. She will be arriving on the afternoon stage."

Vin collapsed into the chair behind him.

"Weíll fight to keep him here," Travis assured.

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