Title: Act Two

Author: MMW

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, etc.

Challenge: M7M challenge for 4-26-04: use the phrase “Everybody just stay calm. The situation is under control.”

Author’s note: Since I pestered Phyllis into issuing this, I’m going to try to write more than one drabble, though this one is a serial drabble.

Rating: G

Universe: Old West

Archive: Sure


Act Two




JD looked around. People were beginning to panic. This wasn’t good. He had been in a crowd once that panicked and remembered to terror that coursed through him as well as the sickening horror he felt when he caught sight of the trampled body of a little girl. He didn’t want to see that again.  Standing up, he called out, “Everybody just stay calm. The situation is under control.”


He felt relief fill him as the crowd began to settle. Things might not be under control just yet, but it would be soon. He knew he and his friends could handle this or any other situation that might arise.



“Everybody just stay calm. The situation is under control.”


Buck’s jaw just about hit the ground at JD’s pronouncement. Thing were most definitely not under control and there was a very good chance they would be for a while. The mustached man could only wonder what his young friend was thinking when he made his pronouncement.


Looking over the murmuring crowd that had begun to panic, Buck felt his shock turn to amazement as he realized the crowd was settling down. Looking back up at JD, he felt pride begin to fill him as he realized the respect and authority JD now commanded. The boy had become a man.



“Everybody just stay calm. The situation is under control.”


The healer looked up as the authoritative voice rolled over the panicking crowd. A smile formed on Nathan’s lips as he saw the speaker – JD. The boy who had joined them in the Indian village had learned a lot about being a man.


Turning his attention to the still-bleeding wound on Chris’ arm, he saw the pride that dwelt in the green eyes of their leader, though he knew Chris would never say anything to JD. “Think this will end soon?” he whispered to his leader.


Chris smiled back. “You heard the man,” he said. “The situation is under control.”




“Everybody just stay calm. The situation is under control.”


Chris looked up at the announcement and felt pride well within as he saw the crowd calm down and retake their seats.  It was good that JD was able to calm the crowd. He just wished he had a better idea of what was going on.


The troupe of actors had come to town and were performing a play.  Just as they were starting the second act, a shot rang out and Chris felt a burning on his arm.. He ignored Nathan’s ministrations as he scanned the crowd looking for the other peacekeepers. He counted eight outlaws surrounding the crowd.




At the sound of the gunshot, Josiah had stepped from the church. He had resisted the urge to go to the play and focused instead on finishing a letter to his sister.  Scanning the area, he noticed Ezra step out of the Saloon – the gambler having also passed on seeing the play. Exchanging a look with the conman, he began to make his way over to the Saloon when he heard JD call out, “Everybody just stay calm. The situation is under control.”


Looking at the young man speaking, he was surprised when an arm snaked around his shoulders, covering his mouth, and pulled him into a side ally.




The sound of a gunshot had startled Ezra out of his game of solitaire. Stepping out of the Saloon he heard JD’s announce, “Everybody just stay calm. The situation is under control.” And his eyes widened as he saw Josiah pulled into an ally.


Surreptitiously making his way to the same ally, he found himself in a huddle with Vin and Josiah. Scanning the area, and evaluating the threat, Vin soon came up with a plan they could use to remove enough of the outlaws to even the numbers without hurting any of the townspeople.


Soon, the three men broke up, each hading off to accomplish their assigned task.



“Everybody just stay calm. The situation is under control.”


Vin hoped so. He didn’t want to make JD a liar. But taking a look at the situation, things seemed hopeless. Most of the peacekeepers had attended the play and it looked like Chris was down. Scanning the street from his position in the shadows, he was relieved to see both Josiah and Ezra were still free.


Pulling Josiah into the ally with him, Vin was relieved when Ezra appeared a few minutes later. Processing what Josiah and Ezra told him, Vin quickly developed a plan.


Within ten minutes all eight outlaws were in custody and the play again underway.