Title: I’m Not Talkin’ About It

Author: MMW

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to Mirsch, Trilogy, etc

Challenge: M7M Challenge for 4-19-04: One of the guys is angry at another and won’t tell him about it. By the end of the drabble everything must be copasetic

Universe: Various

Rating: G

Archive: Sure


I’m Not Talkin’ About It



Nathan – Little Britches Star Trek


Nathan laid his forehead on the cool table, ignoring the sound of the door opening. Chris and Buck were away and he had been watching the boys. Something had happened and neither boy was talking to the other. The only way Nathan could figure to get things worked out was to set up “Peace Talks” with himself as negotiator.


“How’d the negotiations go?” Josiah asked


“Done,” came Nathan’s reply.


“The boys?”




“The cause?”


Nathan sighed, “Vin thought JD was talking about Vin’s ears to Ensign Peters. JD decided if Vin wasn’t talking to him, he wouldn’t talk to Vin.”


Buck – Old West


Buck picked up another stone and threw it into the pond, letting his anger add distance to his throw.  He didn’t turn at the sound of approaching horses. He had left town several hours ago before his anger made him do something he’d regret.


“Buck,” Vin greeted. “Chris has something he needs to say. I’d ‘preciate it if you’d hear him out.”


Buck just nodded, not trusting his voice as he bit back his anger.


“Buck,” Chris said. “I was wrong and I’m sorry.”


Looking at Chris, Buck could read the sincerity in his eyes and felt his anger leave.


Ezra – Lost Lambs


Ezra’s cards snapped onto the table with a ferocity that betrayed the anger that boiled within the relaxed-looking youth.


Vin was aware Ezra’s anger was directed at him; he only wished he knew why. Finally, he approached and said, “Ez? I’m sorry for whatever I did. You’re m’ brother and I’d never hurt you on purpose.”


Ezra looked up into the sincere blue eyes and saw something else that made him let go of his anger and forgive his brother - he saw fear. A fear he knew all too well - the fear of your family not loving you.




JD ignored everything except the report he was finishing and his resignation. He was sick people always questioning his ability. Today Chris had gone to far – calling him to task in front of two other teams and the FBI for disobeying orders when if he hadn’t all would have been lost.


As he finished his letter, Chris, the other team leaders and an FBI agent stepped to the door. “JD,” Chris began, apology clear in his eyes. “I was wrong. I’m announcing it to our team and everyone else who was there.”


JD felt his anger begin to fade away.


Josiah – Haven


Josiah was furious. As an Empath, he was very aware of emotions – his and other peoples’ - so he knew he was furious. So choked with the emotion was he that he had simply walked away and refused to go back.


Nathan stood on the edge of the patio, knowing his friend needed some release. Taking a deep breath, he prepared himself as best he could before approaching Josiah, knowing how difficult this could be.


Ten minutes later, Josiah no longer felt any anger. Talking out the issue with Nathan had purged the strong emotion and he had forgiven Ezra.


Chris – Brothers Larabee


Chris swung the axe again, taking pleasure in the way it slipped through the log. He was just about to swing again, when he met resistance.  Spinning quickly, he found himself face to face with his older brother.


Josiah asked, “You want to talk about it?”




“Can’t help you if you don’t.”


Chris ground his teeth. “He had no right!”


“JD?” A brief nod. “You never told him.”


Chris sighed, his anger leaving. “I know.”


“I think you need to go talk to him.”


 Chris nodded. Josiah was right. He’d apologize to JD and make it right between them.


Vin – Little Britches ATF


The blue glare landed on Chris almost like a physical blow as the seven-year-old stormed out of the house and ran to the corral.


“What happened?” Buck asked.


“Don’t know,” Chris replied, puzzled as to why Vin was angry at him.


“You two heading out?”


“Heading out?”


“To his mother’s grave…”


Suddenly Chris understood.


Vin stood, feeling anger and other emotions inside swirling around.


“I’m sorry I forgot. We can go now if you want.” Chris offered as he approached his son.


Vin looked up into the green eyes and read the truth. His anger dissipating, he nodded in agreement.