Title: Steak Anyone?

Author: MMW

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM. MOG created the ATF AU

Challenge: M7M challenge for 4-26-04: use the phrase “Everybody just stay calm. The situation is under control” from “The Abyss”

Universe: ATF AU

Rating: Gen

Archive: Sure


Steak Anyone?





Nathan slid open the door laughing at something Chris had said in response to Josiah. As stepped through the doorway, he heard Buck call out, “Everybody just stay calm. The situation is under control.”


Knowing his friends as he did Nathan debated whether he really wanted to continue on his way outside. A part of him just didn’t want to know what had caused the man to utter those words, but another part urged him onward, fearing that some sort of injury had befallen his friend.


His decision on whether or not to continue was soon made for him when Chris pushed him aside and headed out the door.



Things had been going so well. All the guys were over for a picnic after a long case and then he hear Buck utter the words, “Everybody stay calm, The situation is under control.”


Panic quickly set in and Chris felt fear-inspired adrenaline course through his veins. This couldn’t be good. For a split second, Chris debated whether or not he should go out, uncertain he could handle whatever had caused Buck to utter those words.


But it was his house, his friends and he had to know. Pushing Nathan out of the way, he headed toward the grill where he had left Buck with the steaks for lunch.




Josiah nearly ran into Chris when the Team Leader stopped suddenly. The sudden stop was one Josiah understood as Buck’s words echoed through his mind, “Everybody stay calm. The situation is under control.”


Closing his eyes, he sent up a quick prayer for whatever mishap had befallen his friends. It was supposed to be a quiet day, one where they could sit back and relax, enjoy each other’s company and laugh. Now all that could be in jeopardy because of a few words.


Stepping forward, he rested a hand on Nathan’s shoulder as the two men set out to see what trouble had found their friends this time around.




Ezra sat on the edge of his chair, not believing what he was seeing.


“Everybody just stay calm,” Buck soothed, “The situation is under control.”


Ezra peaked an eyebrow at the announcement, not at all certain that things were as in-control as Buck seemed to assume they were.  Still, so long as he got his food and not harm came to his friends, he couldn’t see any harm in allowing the humor of the situation to play in his mind.


He briefly wondered if Chris and Nathan had heard the comment and if so how long it would take them to appear. .Just as things seemed to be in control, the unexpected happened, Chris rounded the corner and Ezra couldn’t contain his mirth.




Buck stared in shock at the dog. He knew it belonged to one of Larabee’s neighbors, but it had always seemed polite and friendly. Now it looked like the enemy.


Determined that he would not lose a steak to the mutt, Buck assured everyone, “Everybody just stay calm. The situation is under control.” At least he hoped it was.  Squaring off to face the dog, he wondered about the best way to get the steak away from it.


Deciding on the direct method, Buck lunged for the dog and got one arm around the dog’s neck while the other grabbed hold of the steak. Buck would not be defeated.




“Everybody just stay calm. The situation is under control.”


JD shook his head at Buck when his friend uttered those words. There were more than enough steaks on the platter, the small one the dog had taken wouldn’t really matter. He was just about to tell Buck to let the dog have it when Buck lunged for the dog and caught it in a headlock.


He watched in amazement as Buck struggled with the dog for several minutes before it released its hold on the steak. The sudden release caused Buck to lose his balance and stumble backward, losing hold of the steak as he fell onto the table.




Vin was rolling on the ground trying to catch his breath as he laughed.


He hadn’t had a problem with Roger stealing that particular steak, but watching Buck go after the steak had been amusing. Watching the victorious Buck lose his balance, Vin nearly lost it as the steak went flying only to land on Chris’ face. Then, as Buck overbalanced the table, he watched the potato salad fly off the end spill over Nathan and Josiah while the jello salad slid down the table and landed on Buck’s head.


It was Ezra’s mocking statement ,“Everybody just stay calm. The situation is under control” that truly did Vin in.