Title: Too Small

Author: MMW

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to Mirsch, Trilogy, etc.

Author’s Note: I felt guilty for not following all the guidelines set up yesterday in all my drabbles so I decided to follow all the guidelines in this one.

Universe: LB – Vengeance

Rating: G

Archive: Sure


Too Small



Chris sighed as he looked at the small, angry brunette. He really wished Buck were here. His friend was much better at playing peacemaker than he was. But he had business in town and the Vengeance needed a shakedown run after her latest repairs, so Chris had brought the boys. Approaching JD, he stood quietly for several minutes before asking, “Would you like to discuss it?”


JD sniffed and looked up at the tall blond man. “I’m mad.”


Biting back a smile, Chris said, “I can see that. Why?”


“Vin said I’s too little to climb to the crow’s nest.”




“Vin,” Chris greeted, as he stepped into the nest. “What brings you up here?”


“Raphael said I could take a watch.”


“And JD?”


“Raphael said he’s too small.”


“Did you tell him or did you let Raphael?”


“I did.”


“How do you think that made JD feel?” Chris asked, watching with a small pang in his heart as Vin’s face fall. “Think maybe you should explain it to him?”


Vin nodded and started heading for the side of the nest to climb down, his heart heavy.


Chris promised himself he would find some way to get Vin back up here.




Approaching JD, he could see his friend’s anger. “I’m sorry JD.”


JD looked up but said nothing.


“ I don’t think you’re too small. Raphael said you were too small – that you’d slip through the rigging.  I won’t go up anymore if you don’t want me to.”


JD was shocked. Vin loved being up high, but he would give it up... It was Raphael who thought he was too small not Vin. Adults. “’S OK.,” JD allowed. “I f’give you. You can go back up.”


“Maybe later,” Vin said, a mischievous smile appearing on his face. “I have an idea.”