Title: Tribble Trouble

Author: MMW

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, etc.

Challenge: M7M challenge for 4-26-04 – use the phrase, “Everybody just stay calm. The situation is under control.”

Author’s Note: For those of you who may not know, Tribbles are small furry critters who eat, make nice sounds and make more tribbles. Also, Klingons and tribbles hate each other.

Universe: Little Britches – Star Trek

Rating: G

Archive: Sure


Tribble Trouble




Chris stepped into the Holodeck and stopped dead in his tracks. He had seen a lot over the years, had seen things that made his mind boggle, but this was just about the most unusual thing he had ever seen and he wasn’t quite sure what to do about it.


Finally deciding to slip into official mode, he announced, “Everybody just stay calm.” He wasn’t sure why he said that, other than someone had to and just now he was the only one not involved.


Suddenly the doors opened and Starbase security charged in. Chris looked at them and informed, “The situation is under control.” They turned and left.



“Everybody just stay calm. The situation is under control.”


Buck just gaped at his oldest friend. Things were not OK and the situation was most definitely not in control. He wasn’t sure how everything had happened, but he wanted to know. They had left Vin and JD in Nathan’s care for a few hours while they attended to some official business.


Nathan had heard there was a circus on the Starbase and agreed to bring the boys there, after all what could go wrong at a Circus. Buck would soon find out. When the meeting adjourned, Buck volunteered to go get the boys, Nathan and Josiah and meet Chris.



“Everybody just stay calm. The situation is under control.”


Ezra gaped at his Captain. The man had to be out of his mind. The situation was most definitely not under control.


Feeling the blood rush to his head as he hung upside down, Ezra wondered how Chris expected to free them from their current trapped state. However he did it, Ezra hoped he would do it soon since hanging upside down with an upset Klingon was not his favorite thing to do.


He watched as Chris spoke with the vendor of the booth they were all in and paled when he saw what the two had planned for them.



“Everybody just stay calm. The situation is under control.”


That sounded reasonable, Josiah thought hoping that however Chris was going to get things under control he would do it soon. The high-pitched squeals were beginning to grate on his nerves. Glancing around, he smiled at JD who was dangling three feet off the ground in front of him. He had to admit, though the situation was not pleasant to be in, it was amusing on several levels.


Catching sight of Nathan’s face, he did admit to feeling sorry for the Doctor. It couldn’t be easy to be wrapped up in taffy face to face with an irate Klingon.




“Everybody just stay calm. The situation is under control.”


JD sighed in relief at the announcement. If Chris said it was under control than it was under control.


The circus had been fun until now. Uncle Nathan had taken them to the petting zoo part and JD had fallen in love with on of the Tribbles. Seeing how much JD liked it, Vin had taken it for him as a pet before taking one for himself as well. After all wasn’t a petting zoo where you went to get pets?


Then they had run into the Klingons they had met in Four Corners by the taffy pulling booth.



“Everybody just stay calm. The situation is under control.”


Vin almost sobbed out his relief.. He hadn’t thought he did anything wrong. He’d gotten pets for he and JD like you were supposed to do at the petting zoo and then, when he’d tried to show them to his Klingon friends everything had gone wrong.


He had taken the tribble out to show his friends but the tribble made a funny noise and then the Klingons had stepped backward away from them Unfortunately, they stepped back into the taffy-pulling machine which went haywire and began shooting out strands of taffy that tangled all around them Now they were trapped.



“Everybody just stay calm. The situation is under control.”


Nathan snorted his disbelief. He had taken the boys to the circus at the request of Chris and Buck and now look what happened. Somehow the boys had gotten tribbles and introduced them to Klingons. Now everybody but Chris was trapped in the taffy.


Nathan looked into the face of the Klingon with whom he was trapped and wondered if things could get any worse.


Just then he heard a tribble cry out as it fell into the taffy binding Nathan and the Klingon together. The Klingon growled. He wondered if it could get worse. That’s when the water hit.