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Collect Calling

Disclaimer: Without prejudice, the characters of "The Magnificent Seven" belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc and are used here without permission. No copyright infringement is intended. The Little Britches AU was created by J. K. Poffenberger and S. Berry. Barbaretta Hayden brought the Little Britches Universe to the ATF.
Universe: Little Britches ATF
Characters: JD, Buck, Vin, Chris
Notes: This is not really a story, it's adaptation of a joke. I just inserted our guys for the characters originally in the joke.
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Calling Collect

It was a beautiful spring day in Colorado and the three members of the Larabee/Wilmington/Tanner/Dunne household who were home were outside enjoying it.

Chris was away at a weekend conference in Texas. The organizers had arranged it to run from Friday night through Sunday so it wouldn’t interfere with the workweek. At one point in time, that would have been fine with Larabee, but since the addition of the boys to his life, he found he would rather miss work than a weekend.

Vin had been handling the situation quite well, though the frequent calls home helped.

Now, Saturday morning, Buck and Vin were just outside the barn, working on “Spring Cleaning” Buck’s truck. JD was inside using the bathroom.

As he headed back outside, JD heard the phone ring and paused. He knew he wasn’t supposed to answer it, but Buck and Vin were outside and the machine hadn’t been working right. On the second ring, he made up his mind and lifted the receiver. “Hello?” he greeted.

“Good morning,” a pleasant sounding lady said. “I have Chris on the line will you accept the charges?”

JD’s eyes grew wide and he dropped the phone. Racing out of the house he called, “Da! Da!”

Exiting the truck, Buck met his son. “Whoa, there, son. What’s the hurry?”

“They’ve got Chris and they want money!” the smaller brunet said in a rush.


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