40 Prompt Challenge - Prompt 7: Cut - Old West

Secret Ally

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Universe: Old West
Characters: Ezra, JD
Rating: Suitable for all ages
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Secret Ally

Ezra smiled and watched as his final victims of the evening left. Gathering the money on the table, he pulled out a rather thick stack of money he had gathered that night and began splitting it into two equal piles. A brief frown flittered across his face at the thought of giving his partner such a high percentage, but the other man had shown an unexpected talent for negotiations and, in the end, he'd had no choice but to agree to the terms.

A slight shuffling sound drew his attention away from the piles before him. Glancing over his shoulder he nodded at his partner in crime. He returned his attention to the piles before him and finished the distribution of bills.

"Good evening?"

"Very good, my friend," Ezra replied with a smile. Squaring one of the stacks of money, he lifted it and offered it to his partner. "Here is your cut Mr. Dunne. Invest it wisely."

JD offered a wide smile in return. "Sure will Ezra. See you tomorrow. Good night!"


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