40 Prompts Challenge - Prompt 15: Found - Little Britches ATF

Finders Keepers

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Universe: Little Britches ATF
Characters: Vin, Ezra
Rating: Suitable for everyone
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Finders Keepers

Vin looked from his Uncle Ezra to the dusty boxes on the patio. "What exactly are we looking for?"

Ezra rested his hand on the boy's shoulder and sighed. "My mother sent me one of the ugliest vases on the face of the earth and has asked if I'm using it. What could I say? I told her I was. Now, when she arrives tomorrow, she'll expect to see it out with flowers in it."

"What does that have to do wtih the boxes?"

Ezra rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, when I moved, I made sure to pack it in a box where hopefully it would languish never to be found again. One of these boxes. Now we need to go through them and try and find it."

"No problem, Uncle Ezra. We'll get the job done," Vin assured, moving forward to open the first box. As he pulled open the first box, he looked up at his uncle, a puzzled look on his face. "How will I know when I find it?"

Ezra grimaced. "Trust me, you'll know it when you see it. Just remember it's ugly."

"Good thing Buck's not here," Vin murmurred, "Buck hates ugly." The diligent boy missed his uncle's amused smile at his comment.


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