Hero or Headache?
By Beriaearwen

Disclaimer: I own neither Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor Level 9. Characters are used here without permission. No copyright infringement is intended.
Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Level 9
Characters: Willow Rosenberg, Annie Price
Rating: G - suitable for all ages
Words: 346
Notes: I saw about 1/2 an episode of Level 9 several years ago. I don't remember it terribly well and have no idea why it decided to make an appearance now, but it did. Level 9 is a show about a group of hackers who protect data and fight crackers, etc. All very computer geeky I assure you. :-) Annie Price is a former FBI agent who heads the team.

Headache or Hero?
By Beriaearwen

Annie took a deep breath and tried to calm herself.

She couldn’t believe her team had been pushed to the point where they needed this sort of help.

Meeting a legend in the field didn’t happen everyday, especially when said legend disappeared off the scene so many years ago.

Oh, there were still rumors and hints, faint traces and the occasional surprise, but, for the most part, Willow Rosenberg had disappeared off the face of the cyber earth.

Of course, with what she had to go through just to find out the woman’s name, let alone meet with her, should have triggered a few more alarm bells than it did.

Annie spent hours upon hours in briefings, signed more confidentiality papers than she could have dreamed up in her worst nightmare and it all boiled down to one thing - she could ask for help but nothing more. Whatever Rosenberg worked on was need to know and she didn’t.

To say she felt irritated at the huge amount of bureaucracy she endured over the past few days would be an understatement. Still, the thought of meeting one of her secret heroes thrilled her. For years she’d been aware of Willow’s activities even if she didn’t know her name. More than one mental “thank you” went out to the young woman when she diverted disaster before anyone else saw trouble coming.

Stopping outside the agreed upon café, Annie took a deep breath and walked inside. She gave her name and settled at her seat. She’d only been sitting a few minutes when she looked up and met one of her hacker heroes.

“Miss Price?” the young redheaded woman asked.

Annie nodded, not trusting her voice just yet and still unsure if she wanted to snap at this young woman for the amount of paperwork this meeting required or gush over some of her earlier escapades.

Taking the other seat, Willow waited while the waiter brought her tea. When they were alone again, she smiled at the Level 9 agent. “I’m Willow Rosenberg. How may I help you?”


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