Lady Redundant Woman
By Beriaearwen

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Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Word Girl
Characters: Andrew Wells, Faith, Dawn Summers, Rupert Giles, Willow Rosenberg, Lady Redundant Woman
Rating: G suitable for all audiences
Word Count: 597

Lady Redundant Woman
By Beriaearwen

Giles removed his glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose. Though the thought came less frequently now than it used to, he couldn't stop the words running through his mind just then. He was getting too old for this.

In so many ways, his present was better than any future he had ever imagined. His slayer was still alive, he had a fair amount of freedom to do what he liked, He found happiness in his home life and he had excitement whenever he wished. There was no actual authority over him, though all of the board was responsible for watching out for each other. There wasn't a whole lot in his life he wanted change. Except, perhaps, Andrew Wells.

Letting a sigh escape him, Giles opened his eyes and looked at the disaster that used to be the main office area.

“Explain to me, again, exactly why our office looks this way.”

Andrew shifted on his feet and opened his mouth to talk before closing it again.

Dawn jumped in with an explanation instead. “As we expected word of my little oopsie with Professor Moriarity did leak, though not as far as we thought. Andrew, here, decided that such things were “really cool” and decided to research it. Which is all well and good since we do have all those protections against accidental spells around there”

“Unfortunately, Geek-boy here decided to take his studying somewhere more comfortable,” Faith continued, wiping what looked like blue toner off her jacket.

“He decided to study while watching television,” Willow said frowning at the guilty party.

“How was I to know it would work?” Andrew whined, looking desperately for an escape route.

“Hello! Scoobie Central! Have you learned nothing in the past few years? Murphy has it in for us,” Dawn replied.

“Yes, well. Getting back to how the office ended up like this...” Giles prompted.

“So, the geek genius here is watching a cartoon,” Faith continued.

“Word Girl,” Andrew interjected.

“Whatever dweeb,” Faith countered. “And the villain of the day suddenly pops into life in our living room.”

Andrew squirmed and defended, “She was doing fine. I brought her here and showed her the copy machine. She was very happy about it and took to it immediately. If Vi hadn't said anything, I would have had the time to find the reverse spell and send her back before anyone noticed. But Vi came by and referred to the copy machine as a hunk of junk ready for the scrap heap.”

“And this offended your character enough for her to cause all of this?” Giles inquired.

“Yeah. It forced her to turn into her evil counterpart and, well...”

“Buffy managed to fix it,” Dawn finished, tired of this mess and wanting to be done with it.

“It's hardly my fault,” Andrew protested.

All eyes turned to him and all voices said in unison, “It is entirely your fault.”

Feeling desperate, he knew his only escape was to divert their attention away from him. He knew he would pay for this later for a long, long time in direct proportion to how hard a time the others gave Buffy, but he really didn't see any other means of escape. “Then why was it Buffy was the one who knew how to stop Lady Redundant Woman?”

All of the stopped and contemplated that thought for a moment – just long enough for him to dodge out the door and down the hall.


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