Lex Luthor
By Beriaearwen

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Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Smallville
Characters: Anya, Lex Luthor
Rating: PG-13 suitable for people over 13
Word Count: 369

Lex Luthor
By Beriaearwen

Anya sat back and watched the attractive bald man lying across her bed.

Since being given another chance to earn her redemption after all, one thousand years of vengeance required a lot of atonement she had struggled to do her best.

Being dead had given her some perspective on her life. As much as she loved Xander, it became obvious that they were never meant to be

While being around Buffy made things easier for her to stay on the straight and narrow, coming back, she knew she needed to do this on her own. Not only would it help her earn her redemption more quickly, but it would be much more profitable.

Of course, she had to be careful not to get carried away with her greed either. Maintaining a nice 30 percent profit margin should be acceptable. And if, occasionally, it crept up to 35 or 40 percent, well, it wasn't really her fault was it?

So, doing her market research, she thought hard about where she could use her skills and finally found her niche.

Villains Rehab.

With everything nowadays being an addiction, it only made sense that the villains were just suffering from an addiction as well.

Take her first client Lex Luthor

All his life he'd been encouraged to put himself first, trust no one and do whatever he needed to in order to win.

Anya knew he spent quite a long time fighting against his father's programming. He befriended a boy who couldn't really help him, fought against his father, yet somehow ended up the big bad anyway.

Because he fought against being a villain, Anya knew he just needed the help of her program to finally overcome his addiction to being evil.

Then, when her success became known, the clients would come pouring I just like the profits. And it was just possible she wouldn't have to kidnap them and keep them here against their will in the future.

Of course, Mr. Luthor Lex did look quite comfortable on her bed. And, she'd learned, there were ways to get a man to stay for a while.

Maybe she should offer an additional service to her attractive customers...


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