Milady de Winter
By Beriaearwen

Disclaimer: The characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to J. Whedon The characters of The Three Musketeers are the creation of Alexandre Dumas. All are used here without permission. No copyright infrigement is intended.
Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer / The Three Musketeers
Characters: Buffy Summers, Milady de Winter
Rating: Suitable for people over 13.
Word Count: 561
Note: Yet Another Halloween Fic

Lady Clarick, Milady de Winter, Baroness of Sheffield, Comtess de la Fere
By Beriaearwen

Buffy took one last look at the wig before tossing it aside. The brown just seemed wrong for some reason Of course, her own blonde locks looked a little dark, but there was little she could do about that now.

Getting on all the underskirts the dress required had been and adventure an then some, but, somehow, she managed. Now all she needed to do was slip on the beautiful over-dress, fix her hair a little and then Angel would finally make a move.

With a little tug here and here, a few minutes curling her hair, the faintest blush of lipstick and she was done.

Taking in the full effect, Buffy felt a little in awe. She looked almost nothing like herself, but, she decided, still hot enough to turn a head or two.

Grabbing the bag that came with the dress, she slid a knife and stake into it as a concession to her Watcher who always expected her to be prepared, even on Halloween when the creatures supposedly took a night off.

Still, time came to meet the others.


A scream escaped her. She hated that reaction, but what else was she to do? One moment she had been at her home in England, carefully playing her game and the next she was in a Hell worse than prison.

Still, she was not Lady Clarick, Milady de Winter, Baroness of Sheffield and Comtess de la Fere for nothing. She had clawed her way out of Hell once, she would do so again.

Searching the area, she spotted several fairly safe locations from which she could watch the chaos around her and plan her next move.

Moving toward her chosen location, her steps faltered as she spotted him. Hatred and heartache swelled within her. He was the reason she'd overcome her early experience. He was the reason she opened her heart. He was the one who taught her to love. And he was the one who betrayed her in the worst possible way.

Not twenty feet away stood the Comte de la Fere, now known as the musketeer Athos.

The mere sight of him caused her throat to ache, just as it had when he hung her from a tree, caused her heart to break and a fire of pure hatred to burn.

She could not take him down now. She had too much to do and needed to find her way back to England or France. The Cardinal needed to know of this as well as the other information she had. She would bring down those famous “Three Musketeers” and their young pup, d'Artagnan. A cruel smile twisted her lips, perhaps she should seduce the pup somewhere her husband would see. Wouldn't that put a nice crimp in their friendship.

Still, those plans would need to wait. Right now she needed away from here. Too many plans were in play, too much at stake.

Turning, a strange looking creature approached her and called her by a different name. Given how young she appeared, Clarick determined they posed no threat, but, perhaps she would be able to use this creature as a way to garner sympathy and safety. Whoever this 'Buffy' may be, would never have to know.

Carefully masking her thoughts and feelings, Milay de Winter quickly fell back into the role of helpless, simpering female.


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