Not Always Nine-Tenths
By Beriaearwen

Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer / The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice
Characters: Dawn Summers / Flynn Carson
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to J Whedon, etc. The Librarian belongs to TNT, etc. Both are used here without permission. No copyright infringement is intended.
Rating: G - Suitable for all ages
Word Count: 746
Notes: I saw part of "The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice" this past weekend and this popped into my head, just waiting to be written. This would be an alternate ending to "The Librarian"

Not Always Nine-Tenths
By Beriaearwen

Sitting waiting for his plane to be called, Flynn couldn’t help but think back on his time in New Orleans and on Simone. A wistful smile spread across his lips. She had taught him so much in their time together, gave him the perspective he needed to continue, touched his heart and revived his passion. Though he would have preferred she stay with him, he understood about knowing when your time ended.

So lost in thought was he, he didn’t notice the young woman sitting next to him. “Enjoy your time in New Orleans?” she asked.

Startled out of his thoughts, he turned and spied the beauty sitting beside him. He smiled slightly, not even having to think about the answer. “Yes. Yes I did.”

A warm smile greeted that response. “That’s good to hear.” She flicked a hank of long brown hair over her shoulder. “I’m Dawn Summers, by the way,” she introduced, offering her hand.

Taking it, Flynn kissed her knuckles. “Flynn Carson. What brings you, or, rather brought you to New Orleans.”

Dawn smiled up at him. “Business, I’m afraid,” she replied with a wry smile. Her eyes slid slightly to the right to look over his shoulder and then back again.

Flynn tensed slightly, suddenly wondering if Dawn Summers was more than she seemed.

“Five minutes before they start boarding.”

“Huh?” Flynn asked, blinking as he tried to figure out what she meant.

Pointing behind him, over his right shoulder, she repeated, “According to the clock we only have five minutes before the flight boards.”

Quickly glancing over his shoulder, he spotted the clock on the wall and allowed a brief feeling of relief to pass through him. He was becoming paranoid. “So it is. Do you know what seat you have?”

Dawn smiled and glanced down as she pulled her ticket out of her purse. “Twenty-two C.”

“Ah. Too bad. I’m in five A.”

A pout appeared on her face as the announcement for first boarding came over the speaker. “Well that’s no fair. Do you live in New York?” she asked.


Digging through her purse, she pulled out a cream colored business card. “I’m there every now and then.” Locking eyes with him, she smiled brilliantly at him. “Keep this and give me a call sometime.”

He reached out and took the card, glancing down at it. Her name was emblazoned in the center with a phone number and email address underneath. Smiling up at her, he almost wished he had a card as well. “I’ll do that,” he assured.

Before she could respond, her row was called to board. Gathering her things, she headed toward the line forming to board, Just as she stepped into the causeway she turned and met his eyes. “I look forward to hearing from you, Librarian.” She sent him a grin and disappeared down the causeway.

It took his mind only a second to process what she’d said. Grabbing his bag, he headed toward the causeway, pushing through people and past the gentleman checking tickets. Before he reached halfway down the causeway, he already knew he wouldn’t find her.

Letting out a curse, he leaned against the wall and ran his hand through his hair. As his bag slid off his slumped shoulder, he finally noticed it seemed lighter than it should. Eyes widening in shock, he quickly opened the bag and let out a curse. He should have trusted his instincts. She obviously was checking with an accomplice when her eyes slid right. That must have been when they took the Chalice.

As two security personnel approached him, he found another card made of the same paper as the business card she gave him. He read it quickly:

The Judas Chalice is now back where it belongs. It will never be used and never again loaned to the Library or anyone else, so, please, don’t ask for it. Let Judson know possession isn’t always nine-tenths the law, especially when you lose what you should never have had in the first place.

Though the note wasn’t signed, there was what looked to be an image of a wooden stake in the lower corner.

He let out a sigh and allowed security to lead him away. Judson would have a whole lot of explaining to do if and when he ever got back to New York.


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