Shadow's Grasp

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Rating: FRM - Fan Rated Suitable For Mature Audience (mention of blood/mutilation/human sacrifice)

Author's Notes: This poem came about from a number of sources. The first is Jeanne who mentioned that April is/was "National Poetry Month" and then challenged everyone to write a poem.
The other influence on this was my own desire to write a story in poetic form. Though I have no idea why, after reading "The Odessy" and "Beowulf" I began to wonder if it was still possible to tell a story in poetic form. I took this as an opportunity to do so.
When you read this, please keep in mind that this is a work of fan fiction, not an epic poem of classic parameters. It is not written in heroic couplet. There is no death, trip to the underworld and rebirth of the heros. Expect the rythm of the poem to be a little rough in places and approximate rhyms abound. If you can not abide such liberties being taken and still being labelled a poem - don't read it. And if you do read it - you've been warned so keep your flames to yourself.
While there is little or no swearing in this work, there are some very nasty images involving blood, murder, sacrifice, etc. If this is not something you are comfortable reading. Stop now. Return to whence you came. You won't like this.
I have to say a huge thank you to Jan, Jo, Sandy, Phyllis, SJ, Teresa, Chris, Megan, Heather and everyone else who encouraged me to keep going and finish this even when I was wondering if I'd ever finish. Thank you ladies!
WARNING!!!! This poem is not beta'd!

Main Characters: Seven, OCs

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