Sheriff of Nottingham
By Beriaearwen

Disclaimer: The characters of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Robin Hood" belong to others and are used here without permission. No copyright infringement is intended
Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Robin Hood
Characters: Buffy Summers, Sheriff of Nottingham
Rating: PG-13 suitable for people over 13
Word Count: 593

Sheriff Of Nottingham
By Beriaearwen

Buffy fidgeted in her dress. The last time she wore something like this was that Halloween, the one that made her swear off period costumes forever.

Unfortunately there was a prophesy. And, along with the prophesy, a hidden history written in runes only her sister could decipher. Of course after deciphering it, she needed Buffy to translate it because it was written in a secret code only Buffy and her best friend from seventh grade knew.

As soon as Buffy realized that she alone could finish the translation, she knew she set herself up for this.

Stupid time paradoxes.

So, now she had to head back to medieval England, find one of the men who fought with Robin of Loxley in the Crusades, get the medallion she needed and get back to the present, all without altering time or skewing anything else.

Not that they would know since she'd already done this - or something.

Stupid time travel.

Now, a they were waiting on was the charm she would use to return to the preset.

For once they had found the prophesy and notes with enough time to prepare. So, the researched and discovered a way for her to return to her own time three minutes after she left. The best part was, no matter what condition she was in when she activated the return, she would return to the preset in the same condition as when she left – same age, health, etc.

Hopefully, with the clues she left herself, things wouldn't be that bad. Well, she knew they would be bad, but at least she was going in prepared.

Carefully checking her weapons one last time, and wishing for the scythe, she took a deep breath and stepped into the prepared circle. She waited while Willow did her bit and then said her lines.

The world around her blurred before once more coming into focus.

Immediately, Buffy something was wrong. She reacted on instinct and drew a knife from where she'd hidden it within her skirt. She manage to stop the blade headed toward her heart an move off into a better position.

“Normal welcome,” she snarked. “I'm not surprised.”

The man now facing her ran a lascivious eye over her form. “Witch,” he stated. “Shall we see about your wanton ways. It may not save you burning, but, if you perform well enough, I might make your stay a little more comfortable beforehand.”

Buffy shuddered and wished she'd been more clear in her warnings to herself. “Oh, ew! Not now, not ever!”

The man stiffened and glared. “Do you know to whom you speak?” he demanded.

“Doesn't matter. That thought is just a whole world of ew.”

“I am the Sheriff of Nottingham I hold complete authority over this area. My word is law. Your life is in my hands. I recommend you be solicitous of my desires.”

“And I'm Buffy. I have to say, the only people who have a say in my life are me and the Powers That Be. So take your self-important spiel and do something thoroughly, unpleasantly medieval with it.”

The Sheriff reached out ad snagged her arm. “I'm not through with you, wench.”

“Oh yes you are,” Buffy replied, popping him on the jaw an knocking him out cold.

As she turned to leave, she decided Andrew had way too much influence over her. After all, she knew exactly what she meant by employing “aggressive negotiations” in her meeting with the Sheriff.


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