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Obeying Traffic Signs

Disclaimer: The characters of “The Magnificent Seven” belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc and are used here without permission. The Little Britches AU was created by JK Poffenberger and S Berry; it was brought into the ATF world by Barbaretta Hayden. No copyright infringement is intended
Type: Joke
Characters: JD, Vin
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Obeying Traffic Signs

The four members of the Larabee-Wilmington-Tanner-Dunne household were taking advantage of one of their few, completely free Summer weekends. They had decided that camping was the way to go and had packed up their tents, sleeping bags, cooking utensils, food along with everything else and headed out to the National Park to camp.

It was still early and the two men were just beginning to fix breakfast. JD and Vin had asked for permission to wander and play. After coating the boys in sunscreen and insect repellent, they were told they could go where they wanted within the camping area as long as they didn’t disturb other people and were within shouting distance.

Once they had given their solemn vow to obey the restrictions their fathers had placed on them, they headed out to see what adventure awaited.

Wandering down one road, they saw a Park Services truck slowing down near the fallen sign the boys had noticed the day before. They stood still, watching as the truck stopped and two people got out. The boys had recently finished a safety course and wanted to see what sign was being put up. They didn’t have to wait long as the Park Service personnel were able to restore the sign quickly.

“It’s a deer crossing sign,” Vin observed, easily identifying the sign.

Once the truck pulled away, the boys started walking toward the sign to see what had been done to keep it upright.

They hadn’t gone far when a large buck leapt out of the woods to their right, just across from the sign, and bounded across the road only to disappear into the woods on the left.

The boys had stopped again and were blinking in surprise at the sight.

JD was the first to break the silence as he pondered, “I wonder how long he’s been waiting to cross the street.”


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