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Scavenger Hunt

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Challenge: WOW challenge for several weeks. Challenge words included: estate, wholesome, convoy, aloof, flag, vinegar, leer, ultimatum, certify, delusion, redeem, begrime, impact and facade
Note: I was looking back and realized I've missed quite a few of these. I was going to try and catch up, and I still might, but time is at a premium these days, so I figured out a way to catch up on all of the challenge at once - and within the 15 minute time limit! Anyway, here goes nothing. :-)
Universe: ATF

Scavenger Hunt (or: How To Cheat At The WOW Challenge)

As the convoy traversed the entry onto the vast estate, Ezra released a sigh of frustration. His teammates could really be quite uncouth at times. "JD," he admonished. "Please sit in the seat properly and cease your efforts to begrime my car windows."

JD huffed. "I just wanted to get a good look," he complained.

Ezra smiled. "I assure you, the impact of the facade will not be lessened by sitting in your seat properly. Now," Ezra stated firmly, preparing an ultimatum, "either you will comport yourself with dignity, or I will run you off the property myself."

JD sighed. This just wasn't going to be any fun tonight. How he had allowed himself to get talked into going to this fancy shin-dig with Ezra was beyond him. Actually, it wasn't. He had heard Ezra would be attending a fete at Harold Montry's house and had pleaded with Standish to allow him to go along. Harold Montry was an icon to JD. The man's software was phenomenal, his ideas revolutionary and JD couldn't wait to meet him. And, of course, wherever he went, Buck wanted to go and then Vin said it sounded like fun and Josiah seemed to leer slightly when he found out Maude would be attending, Nate said something about having to go to ensure no one got hurt and Chris had stood in the doorway of his office, cool and aloof. At least until Vin had more or less dared him to go.

So, with everyone attending, they had split up transportation duties and four cars were now headed toward the mansion.

As they rounded a curve, JD felt his jaw drop. The place was huge!

Ezra just smiled at the response and worried about being late. They weren't meant to be this late, but there had been a few problems. Still, he supposed it would be alright.

Pulling up to the front, he allowed the valet to take his car and waited for his friends to join him. Then, heading up the stairs and into the house, the seven stood in the entryway as all eyes turned toward them.

"Ah, gentlemen," Harold, who was standing on a small stage, greeted. "You're just in time to join us in our scavenger hunt. Reynolds will provide you with lists. Please split into teams of two or three." Then turning his attention back to the group at large, he announced, "OK, people, you have thirty minutes to bring back as many of these items as possible."

The groups split up. Of the seven, Buck and JD wandered off together as did Josiah and Nathan, leaving Ezra, Vin and Chris as a team.

"So what's on our list?" Vin asked, trying to read over Ezra's shoulder.

Ezra sighed, he hated it when people read over his shoulder. "A bottle of vinegar, a flag, something you can redeem, something wholesome, two matching left shoes, a brown blazer, an exotic flower and a railroad tie."

Chris looked at the two members of his team and snickered.

Scowling at the blond, Vin asked, "What's so funny?"

Chris grinned and explained, "Well, for something wholesome we can use you, Vin. After all, according to the ladies in the secretarial pool, you and JD both have 'that wholesome look' about you that they'd just like to eat up. And for something to redeem, we can use Ezra."

Ezra and Vin exchanged a look.

Turning back to Chris, Vin stated, "Y'all are having a delusion, aren't you? Don't you think he's delusional, Ez?"

Ezra frowned and nodded. "Certifiable. And I know just the psychologist to certify him."

The End

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