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When Soda Goes Pop

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Rating: M for Messy - FRC (Fan Rated Suitable For Children)

When Soda Goes Pop

JD and Vin stepped out of the elevator talking quickly to each other. Buck followed more slowly, shaking his head at the younger men.

The three of them had gone out to get lunch for everyone and the two youngsters had each consumed a 20 oz bottle of Cherry Coke on the ride back. The worst part for Buck, after the mile-a-minute chatter from the normally quiet Texan – which only seemed to encourage JD to talk faster – was the constant jittering. He would swear they had ants in their pants.

As the trio entered the offices, they headed toward the break room, the bags containing lunch swinging in the hands of the two youngest. Setting the bags down, the three began pulling food from them and setting it out for the other four.

Buck stopped with his hand half out of the bag before him. His eyes widened in horror as he watched JD pull the sodas out of the bag he had been jittering and swinging since they left the deli. His dread only increased as Josiah walked in and grabbed one of the well-shaken sodas. Ezra, dressed in one of his better suits due to a court appearance later that afternoon, stepped up next to the Profiler and reached for his sandwich.

Buck opened his mouth to warn Josiah that his soda had been shaken and to give it time to settle, but got no further than, “Do…” before Josiah cracked open the bottle showing he and Ezra with the sticky-sweet contents.

Silence reigned in the break room for about thirty seconds before glares that rivaled Larabee’s most deadly fell upon JD.

Backing away slowly, JD lifted his hands as if to ward off an attack. Altering his course so he could reach the door, he tried to think of something to say. Finally, as Ezra and Josiah took a step forward he turned and ran.

The End

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