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Thank You Dinner

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven and The Sentinel belong to people on the left coast. The Cub and Kit AU was created by Debra.
Challenge: Word Of The Week Challenge - Pasta
Author’s Note: Thank you Debra for creating and opening the Cub and Kit Universe. For those of you not familiar with it, in this universe, Vin is an eleven year old orphan who is also a Sentinel. Thirteen-year-old Ezra is his friend and "brother" who cut a deal with Chris to bring down a gun runner. Chris was impressed with the boys and adopted Vin. He is in the process of trying to adopt Ezra, but Maude won’t relinquish her parental rights. The others are there too. Chris has relocated the team to Cascade, WA - home of Jim Ellison and Blair Sanberg.
Universe: Cub and Kit

Thank You Dinner

"You sure you want to do this, Vin?" thirteen-year-old Ezra asked his eleven year old brother.

"Yeah, Ez," came the long-suffering response. "It’s only right. Jim and Blair are watchin’ us while Dad is away, we have to say thank you somehow."

"But what if they don’t like it?"

"It’s pasta, Ez. Everyone likes pasta."

Ezra found he couldn’t argue. "If we really want to thank them, then perhaps we should order out from D’Arici’s," Ezra suggested.

Vin shook his head. "It’ll mean more if we make it ourselves," Vin insisted. "Now hurry up with that garlic bread. I’ll finish the sauces."

Ezra sighed and turned back to the task at hand. He hated manual labor, but he had to grudgingly admit that Vin did have a point. Jim and Blair did deserve a thank you of some kind and he had learned over his time first with Vin and later with Chris and the others that something he made tended to mean more than something he bought. The annoying thing was, he was beginning to see why.

Just as Vin was putting the finishing touches on the second sauce, the door to the apartment opened and Jim walked in. He had smelled the food from the lobby and knew the boys had been up to something. Nothing smelled burned, but remembering how Blair used to cook and his own early attempts as a child, he had to shudder at the thought of the mess he would find. Thinking of Blair, he had to ask himself where his Guide was, he was supposed to be watching the boys. "Boys," Jim greeted.

Ezra jumped in surprise and turned quickly. Seeing no reaction from his brother he figured Vin had been expecting him. Sending a scowl toward his brother, Ezra nodded his greeting and suppressed his desire to scream. Between Jim and Vin he would never be able to put his "God given talents" to use.

"Hey, Mr. Jim," Vin greeted.

Jim smiled at the young Sentinel. "Just, Jim. You don’t have to call me Mr. Jim," the Detective assured.

Vin just smiled, a twinkle of mischief in his eye. "Whatever you say, Mr. Jim."

Jim smiled as a small giggle erupted from the boy.

Blair walked in just then with a cheerful greeting and a smile. "Hey, guys! Something sure smells good."

"We made dinner tonight," Ezra replied, smiling at the young man who was becoming his mentor in all things Sentinel. "We felt the least we could do to repay your kindness was to provide the evening repast."

Blair walked over and stood near Ezra, careful not to touch him. He had found out early that neither Ezra nor Vin were "touchy-feely" people. Turning to Jim he clearly read the reprimand in his friend’s eyes. Blair was supposed to be at the apartment watching, but he had gotten caught up at college and figured boys their age could look after themselves for a while. Knowing he would receive a lecture later, he wandered over to the stove. "Whatcha got cooking here?" he asked, taking a spoon and sampling one of the sauces. Swallowing quickly his eyes widened. He could tell there was a salsa base to the dish, but it was remarkably hot. "Hot!" he exclaimed. Glancing over at his Sentinel, he let his warning show, Jim was probably allergic to some of the ingredients.

Vin smiled up at the guide and replied with a nod, "The hotter, the better."

The End

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