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Here are some thumbnails of my cat, Laurel. If you would like to see a slightly larger view of the image, please click on it.

Laurel, the great huntress.
Here's a quick snap I took of Laurel one day while we were wandering around the back yard. She was really just trying to get me to move again, but looked so cute in her "jungle" that I had to take a picture.
I can't believe you want another picture!
Actually, she was sleeping. I found it amusing because I also tend to sleep with my arm over my eyes.
Die bug, die!
In one of the few kills I have on record, Laurel takes on an ant and wins!
I just want a quite place to sleep!
In her neverending search for quiet places to sleep, Laurel sometimes chooses unwisely, such as here where she's on a dining room chair.
Excuse me, you're not bowing low enough.
As with all cats. Laurel knew her role at an early age - ruler of all she surveys. Here she is looking her imperious best.
I think the Red Sox play at 2...
Even at 9 weeks, Laurel was an intelligent cat. As you can see she was reading the tv guide. Though I believe she got her love of the Red Sox from me...