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Here are some of my vacation photos from my 2001 vacation.
In 2001, I took two vacations, one was to Florida where I basically sat around and vegged a lot and one to Virginia/Maryland/Pennsylvania. The Virgina trip (as I will call it for short) included visits to Shenandoah National Park, Luray Caverns, The Cotoctin Zoo, Callahan State Park and Gettysburg. The Florida trip included a trip to MGM to see the lights and a brief foray to Epcot.

Stream running along Dark Hallow Falls Trail, Shenandoah National Park, VA.
On July 1, my sister and I headed down Dark Hallow Falls Trail early in the morning. Captivated by the beauty of the trail, I took many pictures. The above is just one that I really liked. To see a larger image of it, or of any of the thumbnails on this page, just click on the picture.

Another peaceful moment.
This picture taken looking upstream, once more is just a reflection of the peace we found on the trail
Mini Falls!
The stream we were following along was very rocky which resulted in many mini-falls, such as the one pictured here.
View From The Top.
Standing at the top of the falls, there was a beautiful view of the valley below and the mountains beyond
Top of the trail
On July 1, my sister Megan (pictured here) climbed Hawksbill trail to get, well, a hawks eye view of our surroundings. Megan doesn't know I have this picture scanned in, so don't tell her! Actualy, for those of you who are nervous about heights, there was a flat bit of ground about 20 feet below where she's sitting here, so don't worry..
On Hawksbill Trail
On Hawksbill trail we spent quite a bit of time walking through the cool woods (which was nice in the near 90-degree temperatures). We saw many interesting things. I like this picture because of the hollow tree truck sprouting new green growth.
The hazy Blue Ridge
Because of the heat and the fact that is was the beginning of July, there was quite a bit of haze over the Blue Ridge during our stay...
The Clear Blue Ridge
...but on the night of July 1 we had a storm which cleared the air and gave us some spectacular shots on our way out.
Another clear shot.
I scanned this out of a scrapbook I had made of the trip - thus the odd background and border. It's one of my favorite shots, and yes, I do like the branches on the right side because I think it lends perspective to the shot.
Speaking of rain...
Here's a picture of the storm clouds gathering. They began their all-night rain at around 5:30, but the severe rain and wind (which combined to clear the air and drop the temperature somewhere aroudn 30-40 degrees) started probably around 10, after we were asleep.
Speaking of our campsite...'s the view from our tentflap just after sunset.(eastern sky)
Another trail - actually our first.
When we arrive at Shenandoah National Park, we took a moment, well, about an hour or so, to walk Overall Run Trail out to Overall Run Falls. It was a lovely, quiet time and a great way to introduce us to the theory of relaxing during a vacation.
Mirror Lake?
Just so you know, we didn't spend all our time at Shenandoah National Park, we also stopped by Luray Caverns, the Cotoctin Zoo, Cunningham Falls State Park, and Gettysburg. The picture here is from Luray Caverns (taken without a flash as flashes weren't allowed, 800 speed film, long exposure time) and shows a pool of water so still and undisturbed that is perfectly reflects the stalactites above.
Anyone Need A Towel?
The formation pictured here is very rare, it's a stalactite sheet which is thin enough that light can be seen through it. To me, the bands on the bottom of this sheet make it look like a towel.