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Meredith's Miscellany - 17 March 2003

OK. So, I know it's St. Patrick's Day. I forgot & didn't wear green. But honestly I don't think it's all that big a deal. Reasons? 1) I'm American, not Irish. 2) The bit of Irish in my background was Protestant, not Catholic 3) My definition of "saint" is a little different than other people's 4) I get away with saying my eyes are partially green (they're green/brown hazel).

Besides, it's not that big a think in the office. In fact only 2 people dressed in green.

In other news, I think I'm coming out of the fugue that had enveloped me in its clutches. I am finally getting thing back in gear - doing work at work, preparing for Sunday School the day before instead of 5 minutes before, actually following through on things instead of finding excuses not to. I even feel motivated (but don't tell anyone).

I have to credit my friend Marlene with this change. She did something for me most people seem afraid to do - gave me a good swift kick in the patoot. I suppose some of the reason people don't do that is because I tend to be about as predictable in my reactions as, well, something pretty unpredictable, but this time I got just what I needed when I needed it.

Still don't know what all I want to do with my life, but right now I need to get back on track and finish the things I have started and those other things I let slide while I was shutting myself off from the world.

Two things I need to finish are two of the stories I've been writing. One is posted here - Avendel, well, parts of it. I have a number of bits that aren't posted that I need to get up. The other is my NaNoWriMo novella. I have a ways to go on that & need to do a ton of research to clarify some points and make things more reasonable, but I want to finish fleshing out certain parts before I go back and do some serious editing. See I made the 50,000 word quota, but a lot of the middle and later middle was more of a sketch or outline than actual writing, so I want to take care of that as well. I think I may be posting that under the WIP soon as well.

An odd thing is that in Spring and Fall my thoughts seem to turn, not to flights of fancy, but thoughts of posting on-line. I've determined over the past several years that I do most of my posting, etc. in the Spring and in the Autumn. Wierd.

Anyway, this Springtime motivation will hopfully stand me in good stead since I need to start walking again so I don't die when Megan and I go to Shenandoah National Park to hike the trails. The trails themselves aren't that bad, it's the allergens in the air that do me in (read: make it near impossible for me to breathe). We figured that out last time we were there hiking. For two days I struggled while hiking up hills no more daunting than what we have here at home (even if they are at 3000ft or more), then there was a rainstorm that went through our last night there. When we woke up I not only had no trouble breathing, but the last trail we hiked was no problem. I figure if I start off in better shape, I won't need as much oxygen... It's a though anyway and walking certainly won't kill me - well, it might but it'd be something really odd - like walking down the road and a meteor hits me, or a bear eats me or something like that.*grin*

Anyway... I suppose I should get this posted before I get introuble for doing things like this during working hours. ;-)