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Miscellany In-Process
Avendel - updated 9/23/02

Poetic Miscellany
A Surreal Day
A Windswept September Day
A Confusion Of Raindrops
The City In The Early Afternoon

Rant Miscellany
What's Not Being Said: Thoughts leading up to the 2005 Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.
The Great American Novel

Journal Miscellany
17 March 2003
11 September 2002
07 August 2002
22 April 2002
19 April 2002
15 April 2002
21 March 2002
15 March 2002
11 March 2002

Fan Fiction
Magnificent Seven
Meet The Seven
M7M Challenges
Old West Tales
Little Britches Universes
M7 WIP list

Without A Trace
Official Website
Meredith's Without A Trace Fan Fiction Page